I was born in 1996, and was born with either the wrong mind or during the wrong year. Growing up I felt I've always related better to someone who grew up with Disney in the 90's and didn't prefer to follow what was popular among my age group. It makes sense why I would, I mean I've always related better to kids who were older than me, I spent most of my time in my room watching a Disney movie on videotape or online at, not fixating my attention on what was new of course, say Finding Nemo or anything Disney Channel related, and missing the old versions of the website. I've taken some "Are You A 90's Kid" quizzes and my results were all 90's Kid. Seeing Oh My Disney's 90's tributes made me look back on it all regretting growing among the millennial generation and make me want to be part of the 90's community more than anything else. Because of that, I feel I'm at war with myself. Is that a flaw with me? Or can I still be a 90's kid?