I may be a guy, but as a Disney fan, it has little to offer me these days. Disney may own Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Marvel Comics, but I never got into those as a kid and I never liked violence or elaborateness. Disney movies and simplicity were what I got into and I thought the ones with heroes as the main characters were the best. To me, the simplest things were always the best. They weren't very big then, they're not very big now, I felt as though I could relate to that for being one of the few boys not interested in violence.

That's why I loved the Disney Adventurers franchise as a kid. I thought Aladdin, Peter Pan, Hercules, and Tarzan were the greatest Disney characters ever. These characters did pretty decent in stores until the Power Rangers came along, which I never got into either.

I didn't get too much into Pixar either. I enjoyed their movies, but I never liked any of them as much as I LOVED the Toy Story movies.

Since I'm still not into Marvel, Star Wars, or Indiana Jones, I want to have the Adventurers franchise back to share this with my kids if I ever have sons. Of course I'm not married, I'm a senior in high school, but I still think the Adventurers were the best and want them to still exist. I also want there to be fewer kids interested in violence because my younger brother, has been a regular target of incorrect behavior. He's watched Star Wars and Spiderman since he was 2 years old and played Call of Duty since he was 9 years old. As a toddler, whenever he went to someone's birthday party, he'd think one of the presents would be for him and when he found out it wasn't he would throw a tantrum and sometime later my parents would spoil him to compensate for it. Also because my parents spoiled him growing up, he regularly throws tantrums, burses, shouts in everyone's ears, and refuses to eat anything unless he gets his way. He's 11 years old now and too old for this behavior. It may seem like none of my business, but it annoys me since his room is right next to mine. In a way, I was also kind of spoiled growing up, but less than my younger brother, so I knew better than to behave as bad as he did. So if I ever have children, I want them to have better judgment as children, like I did.

Can anyone agree with me that the Disney Adventurers should be brought back? If so, do you have any ideas on other characters to add? Like the Princesses, it should be updated with new characters as they come.