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  • Movimationguy

    I've been watching Pinocchio again, and it got me wondering... since Gepetto carved and made Pinocchio's body and the Blue Fairy brought him to life, should she count as his mother.

    I mean, think about it; Gepetto made one half of Pinocchio and thus became his father, the Blue Fairy gave him the other half.

    What do you think?

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  • Movimationguy

    For those who don't know, I have a particular dislike for the Maleficent movie. It plays out like a piece of bad FanFiction, conforming to all the typical dumb FanFiction cliches, including character bashing and straying away from the plot to such a ridiculous degree. It goes against everything that defined the Maleficent character, as well as the original Sleeping Beauty, and just panders to those who like villains, including Wicked fans. This doesn't help, because it was ten years after Wicked first came out and it wasn't quite as refreshing anymore.

    I only saw it once, when my mother made me take my little sister to see it. Looking back at it again, I think I could have told the story much better.

    Here's how I could have told it much bett…

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  • Movimationguy

    I just saw this video on YouTube of a couple of little kids opening up the Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection Toys from McDonalds. They opened the sets from both 1996 and 1997 and seemed to know most of the characters fine, except for a few.

    When they opened the box for AristoCats, they didn't recognize Scat Cat. When they opened the box for Pete's Dragon, they didn't recognize Elliot. When they opened up the Sword in the Stone box, it took a while for them to recognize Merlin.

    All of this is understandable,


    When they opened the Bambi box, they didn't know Bambi was a male, not a female.

    And what drives me mad are two things:

    First, when they opened the When they opened the Lion King box, they assumed the figure was Mufasa and not the Adu…

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  • Movimationguy

    I've seen Aladdin on the big screen twice this year. The first time it was in February for an event where there would be a different Disney movie every weekend (in select cinemas, though). The second time was last weekend for the 25th Annviersary Screening at the TriBeCa Film Festival. Brad Kane even showed up and led a sing-along version of A Whole New World

    Looking back at Aladdin, and the other Disney Princess films, I've noticed a few things.

    I love collecting Disney stuff and the stuff I collect is usually original stuff from when the movie came out. For me, it's mostly the 90's stuff, since it's not hard to find, and less expensive. Most of the stuff I've bought is Aladdin stuff, and notice the packaging on the stuff I found:

    Now compare it …

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  • Movimationguy

    Why do we classify the Disney movies of the early 90's as 90's films? The only factor is the time that they came out. Even after that, practically millions of kids were still watching them and even making them their favorites. Even Star Wars, despite being released from the late 70's to the mid-80's, and Harry Potter, despite being released in the late 90's to the mid-2000's, both of these still have incredibly high fan bases. Also, telling someone they shouldn't be able to know about the 90's because they weren't there is like telling someone they shouldn't learn history in school because it was before their time.

    Why am I talking about this? This is because I've been feeling like people associate me with Generation Z simply because I was …

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