(NOTE: The following item - or a variation thereof - was published in the Tri-State Gazette on October 2, 2012 at the Phineas and Ferb Wiki.)

Okay, it's almost that time of year again where you dress up as something and do legalized begging for sweets or if you're older, handing out treats or escorting your family members on the last day of the month called October. You want to dress as a Phineas and Ferb character, but don't have stuff to pull it off, especially cash money? Well, we know what you're going to do on or about October 31st, and you don't need to build an outlandish machine to do so, you can get most of these costume pieces at thrift stores or second-hand shops near you.

You can discover how to create a Phineas and/or Ferb costume at, and find out how to make make a Perry/Agent P outfit at Wondering about almost just about everyone else on the show? Follow the instructions for each character as follows.

Candace: She keeps trying to bust her brothers, but we all know what happens. Take a red sleeveless top, a white tennis or ballet skirt (even white skorts are okay in our book), add a red belt, matching color ankle socks and either white mary jane shoes or white sneakers with red shoelaces, and top with either a long orange wig or orange hair spray. And if you don't have a skirt, you can also wear pants with a couple of small stuffed squirrel toys on them as an option to have "Squirrels In My Pants" just like in the live stage show, only without those goggle eyes.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz: You won't be confused with the retro pharmacist fashion statement in this outfit. Wear a black t-shirt or turtleneck top, gray pants, black sneakers or shoes and a white labcoat or butchers' coat. Add a empty water blaster and carry it as your trick-or-treat-inator as well if it's allowed in your area. Bonus points for carrying an Agent P stuffed toy in a trap (like a birdcage). No stuffed toy? Those points can also be earned if you're an adult, and have one of your children (or convince a friend or other family member) to dress up like Perry.

Isabella: Whatcha doin'? For this costume, you'll need lots of pink, especially the bubblegum shade for a bow, sneakers, and sleeveless dress along with white knee-high socks and t-shirt or turtleneck. Add a darker shade pink belt to complete the look. For her Fireside Girl leader uniform, change the dress color to orange with a brown bottom, add an orange beret with a red bow attached, change the belt color to red and finish it off with a yellow sash with various geometric shapes ("patches") to wear across the outfit.

Fireside Girls: Everyone needs help for a big idea, and Troop 46231 is always there to supply that. Take an orange top like a shirt or a blouse, place red trim with a fabric paint marker on the sleeve ends and around the neck, wear with a brown skirt, and then add the previously mentioned red belt, orange beret (sans bow) and yellow patch sash from Isabella's troop leader uniform. Of course, selling their cupcakes is optional.

Vanessa Doofenshmirtz: Her look is described by her father as "vampire-pilgrim-scuba diver" in Minor Monogram, but it's really just a classic gothic rocker style. Black leather jacket, pants, boots and a brown wig are perfect for this outfit, except of course, if the hair is naturally brown. And ladies, if you can ask dad or your boyfriend to don the previously mentioned Dr. Doofenshmirtz costume, have some fun with it.

There you have it, a guide to quick and easy do-it-yourself costumes from the Tri-State Area. If you're planning to make these outfits for a anime, sci-fi or other type of convention or even wear multiple times of this costume even before or after All Hallows' Eve, invest some cash in a wig for your character, especially online or at a costume supply store. This is mostly because color hair spray is a pain in the neck to remove, and you may need many times shampooing for it to completely get the color out.