A sequel?

Many know about Frozen the hit Disney flim. How ever some are talking about Frozen 2. Is it possible? (see video bellow)

File:Kristen Bell on Frozen 2 and Fighting for a Goofy Anna

The Songs

Many love the songs in Frozen. Here a few: (see below)

File:Frozen "Let It Go" Extended Sequence

Let It Go

File:Frozen - Olaf's Summer Song

In Summer

The Friends


Olaf the funny silly snowman we all love

Anna the fearless bubbly pretty girl

Elsa the pretty, cool, talented queen

The Villans

The villans we all know and hate from Frozen                                                                                              

The annoying insane big head Duke

Frozen 2013 DVDScr 720p Farsi-21-33-57-

Hans: the hansome yet ruthless and cunning who is so good at pretending that he fooled the aduince


The Duke's goons

Fun Videos And Photos

Anna and Elsa with each other

File:Disney's Frozen Teaser Trailer

The Gallery

        Gallery 1                                                                                 


The Clips

File:Why is Frozen Still Such a Phenomenon? - IGN Keepin' It Reel Podcast

File:News Frozen Now Highest Grossing Original Animated Film