I have self Published a book called "Big Feet The Story" available on Amazon, but wanted to get an opinion of Disney publishing about my new book. It is 24 chapters with about 1600 pages each. when i add illustrations it will be a 150 page book designed for readers or for parents to read them at bed time. A synposis follows

THE ADVENTURES OF CHARLIE THE CHIPMUMK A young chipmunk, CHARLIE, resides in a tree house high on a mountainside in the Pacific Northwest with his family. He is thrown out of the tree during a raging storm and lands in a creek swollen from the torrential rain. He stays afloat by paddling and riding a log that becomes his ride to the valley below.  After surviving the trip he finds berries to eat, where he is attacked by a water snake but escapes by diving into the water.  The snake follows but Charlie is rescued by BUBBLES the beaver and taken to the beaver’s lodge. After a brief introduction and description of the pond, the beaver sends Charlie on his way to find a home. He soon finds HARRY the hawk that is trapped in a tree by the local farmer, UNCLE JEAN. Charlie, after an assurance from HARRY the hawk, that he won’t eat him, frees the bird from the cage. When they see the farmer coming Charlie jumps on the hawk’s back and they fly to safety. The hawk takes Charlie to his favorite tree where he can make his home. Thus commences the wonderful friendship between the chipmunk and the hawk. Charlie finds great things to eat in the garden by the farmhouse, where he meets a cottontail rabbit named RAREBIT who explains the various vegetables. They are first introduced to CHRISTINE the cat and JOJO the floppy eared dog, who chase them. The cat becomes the major opponent in the book, as it is cunning and quick and desires to catch the chipmunk.  Charlie visits the rabbits across the road where he learns about their life and becomes good friends. They convince him to climb a nearby apple tree and knockoff an apple. In doing so, he falls off and is almost trampled by a horse. Charlie screeches and frightens the horse who knocks several apples to the ground. Here he meets REMBRANDT, a crazy jackrabbit, who, when he is happy, leaps into the air and spins around twice.                                            On a return trip to the orchard, Charlie gets trapped in a box and is transported to town. He escapes and finds himself in a zoo where he stages a breakout of chipmunks from their cage. They travel back to the country which is punctuated with adventures in the wild. Charlie finds homes for the all the chipmunks but does not find a mate.  Charlie and Harry the Hawk have many adventures on the back of the high flying bird. They search for a mate for Charlie and find a young chipmunk, ANNIE, who they rescue from a fox. Soon they have a family and when their young are threatened by Christine. Harry and Charlie fly to the rescue. Harry grabs Christine and carries her to the river. The cat pleads for her life and agrees to a truce. This is the final chapter and the last illustration shows the hawk, Charlie and his family sitting on a branch watching the sun go down over the valley. Charlie rests his hand on his friends wing and says, “It’s magical, Harry. It’s magical