...And now Today In Disney History!

"Hello, welcome to the show. Now I'm here to say something, if LegalizeAnythingMuppets wants to give out Disney news, the least he could do is make what he says fun.Anyhow,I'm here to tell you about what happened this day in Disney History,in the past on June 29,which is today. Now, lets get out our Disney Book and see what it has to say. Since it's gonna be used against me by LegalizeAnythingMupets I am not going to say what page or section it says that on June 29 in 1935,Disney's color Silly Symphony is released, Who Killed Cock Robin?. Now,I don't remember much of what I Saw of this cartoon
,but I did enjoy it. Anyhow, on that same page in a different section, it says that in 1945, a Donald Duck cartoon was released on,of course,June 29. The cartoon's name is Donald's Crime, and personally, it's one of my favorites. If this was somebody's first Donald Duck cartoon they saw, it would be okay, you get everything of Donald, his personality, his everything! It's a great,classic funny cartoon and I enjoy it alot. Now to adress somebody who ahs really gotten on my nerves- LegalzieAnythingMuppets, who always tries to copy me, by putting on my Page number and section and giving more news on what happened on whatever day. He doesn't even do it fun, and frankly it is very annoying. Also, I would've mentioned those events if I wanted to, so LegalizeAnythingMuppets, stop it."
Mickey, Donald and Goofy scorlds Mortimer

Stop trying to copy me LegalizeAnythingMuppets!!