And now.....Today in Disney History!

"Hello,welcome to today's today in Disney history. Before I tell you two events of this day of the past, I would like to tell that I loved Good Luck Charlie's "Special Delivery" episode that has aired on Disney Channel on June 24, just two days earlier from today. Alright, now to today's Disney history. Okay, now let's consult the Disney Book
. Okay,now on page 178, section two is says that one of Disney's Nine Old Men was born in 1909, and that one was animator-director Wolfgang "Woolie" Reitherman. Haha,yes, he was part of a group in which Walt himself christened The Nine old men. Okay,on the same page,178, in section seven, it says the feauturette, Donald in Mathmagic Land is released into theaters in the United States. Haha, I could stand part of that featurette, but one little segment is really boring, in fact, the first time that I watched it I fell asleep and awoke at the DVD Menu. Sorry, that's very unprofessional to say, but I'm entitled to my opinion, and you are entitled to yours"

The part where I fell asleep