....And now, the premiere of....."TODAY IN DISNEY HISTORY!"

"Hello, welcome to "Today in Disney History, I'm Mehead, and if you're a Disney-holic like me, then you'll enjoy this show, as we tell you what happened in the past years,on June 25. Now,let's take a look in THE DISNEY BOOK
and see what happened on June 25 in ANY year of Disney. Okay,okay says in Section two, page 176,that on 1928, on June 25, an Oswald cartoon was released. The Fox Chase is the name, and it is one of the surviving 13 Oswald shorts! Anyways, in more news, in 1930 the Mickey Mouse cartoon, The Fire Fighters was released. Starring Mickey, Horace, and Minnie. Any cartoon with the long-forgotten Horace Horsecollar is a favorite of mine.Finally, the last event is..... in 2005, John Fiedler, voice of Piglet passes away....... at age 80...... he was a great voice actor. He voiced Piglet for 37 years....... up until the day he died, he was legendarily voicing this historical character..... PAGLT. Mr.Fielder was chosen by Walt himself............I'm mehe---- I Mean, Guillermo Guzman, and this has been....the show"