...And now the premiere of the brand new show,Today in Disney History:

"Hello.i'm Guillermo Guzman,or "mehead" as on the Disney wiki.Welcome to "Today in Disney History",now,after doing some research,it is thouroughly discovered that on this day,June 20,2012,two Mickey mouse cartoons were released in 1936 "Moving Day" and "Mickey's Rival",now these cartoons are quaint,and "Mickey's Rival" even marks the first appearance of the infamous "Mortimer Mouse",whom we all know "Mortimer" is the original name of Mickey mouse,until Walt's wife,Lillian Disney (1899-1997) suggested the name "Mickey" and with the help of Ub Iwerks,Mickey was born from a famous pen.Mortimer Mouse also later appeared in "The House of Mouse" and a short cameo in "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse". Now "Moving day" is personally,the first mickey Mosue cartoon I'd ever seen.It was fantastic,and eventually, just as audiences did, fell in love with the Mouse. mickey was no ordinary Mouse, he was extraordinary,and brought life to animation.Anyways,Moving day is a Mickey,Donald,And Goofy cartoon, in which they haven't payed their hosue rent, and Pete threatens to sell their house. He almost does,but the three pack up,and take the hosue with them! Well,we'll see you next time on "Today in Disney History"