Yes I know it's hard for Disney to possibly adapt "The Princess and the Pea" as a animated film without taking plot points from "Once Upon a Mattress"


I think if they decide to do this they should rename "The Royal Test" and change ths story just a tad.

I would set it in Italy in an unnamed kingdom by the sea.

Names of My Cast of Voice Actors and Characters:

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Sierra Boggess as Elisabetta (speaking and singing voice)

ELISABETTA 15 years old, A beautiful peasant girl from the far-away vineyards who wishes for something better. The court jester and the captain of the guards take her away from her hardworking and dreary life stomping grapes and they dress her as a princess. When she arrives she and the prince start to form an unbreakable bond which turns to romance over the course of the film. But his mother the queen along her court advisor come with a test to see if she is truly worthy of marrying the prince. This test being a test of sensitivity, feeling a tiny pea under 65 feather mattresses. She passes the test we think with the help of the jester and the gaurd who make a plan to put sharp rocks underneath but in reality she feels the tiny pea without their help. She marries the Prince in the end.

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John Krasinski as Prince Fabrizio (speaking voice)

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Patrick Wilson as Prince Fabrizio (singing voice)

PRINCE FABRIZIO 18 years old, A handsome prince who wants to find a wife, not worrying about social rank or any of the things eligable arisocrats would be looking for. But his controlling mother the queen insists her son marry a REAL PROPER PRINCESS of royal blood just she was, to which he reluctantly goes along with. But when every eligable princess fails the Royal Test, he agrees to have his trusted friends, the jester and the captain of guards find a girl who is not of royal blood and dress her as princess to fool the queen. That's when Elisabetta comes in and the two end up falling in love after bonding through the duration of the film. They marry at the film's end.

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Patti LuPone as Queen Giovanna (speaking and singing voice)

QUEEN GIOVANNA 45-55 years old, the aging main antagonist and the queen of the kingdom. She is widowed from the late king and has raised Fabrizio by herself since her husband's death. She is overly contolling, manipulative, arrogant and vain. She serectly doesn't want her son to find a wife and dislikes anyone who trys to take her son (and her crown) away from her. She feels THAT NO ONE CAN LOVE FABRIZIO LIKE SHE CAN. She gives the eligable princesses dificult tests (which could basically be anything) that are near to impossible. When Elisabetta shows up she knows in her bones that this girl is not a TRUE PRINCESS. So along with her royal advisor she comes with a test more difficult than the others that were given. But in the end, Elisabetta passes to test to Giovanna's dismay and she ends up going street-rat crazy (but in a HILARIOUS way). It is revealed that after Fabrizio and Elisabetta were married and took over the kingdom, that Giovanna was sent to the summer palace where we would see her in a fetal position weeping uncontrollibly.

408px-Dax Shepard at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival

Dax Shepard as Salvador the Court Jester (speaking voice no singing)

SALVADOR THE COURT JESTER A little bit older than Fabrizio, the comedic half of the trio that involves himself, Fabrizio, the captain of the guards. He is the best friend of Fabrizio and gets the prince and Elisabetta to fall in love.

481px-Patrick Warburton by Gage Skidmore

Patrick Warburton as Emiliano the Captain of the Guards (speaking voice no singing)

EMILIANO THE CAPTAIN OF THE GUARDS Aged 40ish, he is the stern one of the trio and he constantly butts heads with Salvador over what is right and what is wrong. But he is serectly a big softie but he just doesn't like to show it all the time.

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Fred Willard as Tito, the Royal Advisor (speaking voice)

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Gary Beach as Tito, the Royal Advisor (singing voice)

TITO, THE ROYAL ADVISOR 50-60 years old, He is Queen's Giovanna's lacky and helps her in her dirty deeds. But in end he reforms his evil ways and he becomes the Town Cryer.

399px-Alan DaleRev3

Alan Dale as King Giordano (speaking voice)

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Jim Cummings as King Giordiano (singing voice)

KING GIORDIANO Deceased. 55 years old when he died, He was the polor opposite of his wife Giovanna, for he was kind and fair and never beleived that someone of royal blood had to marry someone of the same social rank. His dying wish on his deathbed, was that his son would not make the same mistake he made long ago, marrying a woman he did not love. He appears as a ghost who gives Fabrizio a pep talk on how to talk to a girl like Elisabetta.

What do you all think of this idea?