• Mayodayo7

    My Kopa headcanon

    August 13, 2017 by Mayodayo7

    Kopa isn't canon in the official lion king universe, but some people have put him with kiara and kion in fanart. For theories or headcanons, people say that wither he started his own pride or got killed by Zira. But my headcanon is that

    He wasn't born yet

    In my universe he is Simba and Nala's third son

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  • Mayodayo7

    My idea of a live action Bambi movie

    Jacob Tremblay as young Bambi

    Eddie redmayne as adult Bambi

    Issac Brown As young thumper

    TBA as adult thumper

    Willow Shields as Young Flower ( he'll be a female in this like Jaq and Kaa)

    Katherine Langford as adult flower

    Amelie eve as young faline

    TBA as adult faline Julia Roberts as Cynthia, Bambi's mom ( she'll have a name in this)

    Idris Elba as the great prince

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