aka Marin Boudrie

  • I live in FL
  • I was born on December 29
  • I am Female
  • MarinOlivia

    Presenter: Lords and ladies, princes and princesses, come one, come all, to the Royal Friendship Faire!

    Mickey: Hi everybody!

    Minnie: This is gonna be so much fun!

    Daisy: You’re here!

    Donald: Oh boy, oh boy!

    Goofy: What a great day!


    On This Day:

    All: On this day

    (Mickey: We’re celebrating!)

    On this day

    (Minnie: With all our friends!)

    We will leave everything

    In a tapestry of tales for me and you

    On this day

    (Goofy: It’s a party!)

    This very day

    (Daisy: So much fun!)

    (Donald: Yeah!)

    Have the dreams in your hands

    Well todays the days those dreams are coming true


    We are mixing a chain made of silver and gold

    We are part of a pattern about to unfold

    We are heroes of stories as yet to be told

    We come together on this day


    Come one, come all, come everyone

    Just come on…

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