BY: MyCassBlog <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Challenge of the Brave

I'm a LITTLE disappointed on how this episode came out. I mean I had some high hopes for this. In the episode the beginning got me excited. And it really makes you feel for Cassandra, (my personal favorite.) I mean she was SAD and being PICKED ON and, BULLIED by almost EVERYONE in the KINGDOM. The only people who WERE NOT picking on her were Rapunzel and Pascal and Maximus.(and Eugene just enjoys making fun of her in ALL the episodes, but Cassandra takes it as a joke.) But then Cassandra gets competitive. And who can blame her I mean I'd get pretty competitive too if I were her. She wanted to get respect in this competition which was the only reason why she signed up in the first place. And before the "deaf circle" started she was trying to tell that to Rapunzel. And as for why she was mean to her, let's just say that since the other competitors were mean to her and took her as a joke, that put her in a bad mode. So, please don't be mad at Cassandra. She's already got enough problems.