I'm not normally the one to make a blog post but Something happened in the Wikia chat last night: 05/28/2014, that really irritated me. Sock Puppets already irritate me. Copy cat users, are a little worse than Sock Puppets. The worst, the WORST are Impersonators, now don't get me wrong, they are okay in Las Vegas, Nevada but online? NOT OKAY! Chat was prefectly fine until someone created an account and entered chat using my avatar and a user name that confused the other users: Lt. Lunar WoIf.....Now you see how that can be confusing? To add to my ire, this person kept on using langauge, that, those who know me, I don't use. They kept insisting that they were me, not matter how many times they were kicked by JeremyCreek or holes put into thier claim by JeremyCreek. It was him who had noticed that in place of an lowercase L in Wolf, they had used an uppercase i in Wolf. They had also confused a few of the other users so bad that Geoff (Ron) had to asked after the user had been banned, which one of us had answered a question he had asked.

Now what do ya'll think about them cookies?