…is coming soon.

Well, technically it already exists.

However I'm not quite ready to throw open wide the doors just yet. Still in the process of working out a structure which is "multiple-incarnations" friendly, there being, for example, as many incarnations for Bonnie Rockwaller as there are fan writers and artists. I've also have already hammered out an affiliation agreement with the Kim Possible Wiki, which is canon-centric. I mean, why duplicate basic information? You need the canon details about Bonnie? Follow the first link on her base-page.

I'm almost ready, not just yet, but getting there. Still working out some kinks with the current Manual of Style (look it over, give me feedback on that page's Talk) and some hopefully helpful templates. There will be heavy usage of Disambiguation and Redirect pages, all the better to help you organize and find things by Authors and Artist, m'lovelies.

I realize at the moment it seems like it is "Love Robin's KP Fanon Wiki", but I'm just working with my material as I work things out. Trust me, it'll be for everyone.

Still, I could use a few things. Feature, copy, link, and otherwise pass this journal along.

  1. If you are good at *advanced* wiki markup language, and interested in he'ping out gimme a hallar here or on my Talk Page there.
  2. If you are an artist, especially of a graphic KP series, reach out too. I need to work out what differences visual media requires from literary.
  3. If you do videos of any kind about KP, ditto.
  4. If you are either of the last two and you DO NOT want your works to end up on the wiki, and by that I mean attached for illustrative purposes to pages which are NOT about you and your work, let me know so I may build a Do Not Post List.
    • I know some of you and your works are request, commission, or otherwise income-generating, and we wish to respect that. However I hope that list will be few. Would be nice to have your, and in some cases commissioner's, permissions.
  5. Hopefully you won't throw a hissy, opting instead to be flattered and proud if your work *does* end up on the wiki.

Writers, dun feel left out, the wiki started with y'all in mind… Hopefully the wiki will be "doors thrown wide open" in November, but definitely by January after all the holidays.

(repeated from my dA journal) --Love Robin (talk) 06:15, October 9, 2013 (UTC)