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  • I was born on March 7
  • My occupation is Mother, Wife, Therapist, Fanfic Writer
  • I am from the Better Half of the populace?
  • Love Robin

    …is coming soon.

    Well, technically it already exists.

    However I'm not quite ready to throw open wide the doors just yet. Still in the process of working out a structure which is "multiple-incarnations" friendly, there being, for example, as many incarnations for Bonnie Rockwaller as there are fan writers and artists. I've also have already hammered out an affiliation agreement with the Kim Possible Wiki, which is canon-centric. I mean, why duplicate basic information? You need the canon details about Bonnie? Follow the first link on her base-page.

    I'm almost ready, not just yet, but getting there. Still working out some kinks with the current Manual of Style (look it over, give me feedback on that page's Talk) and some hopefully helpful templates…

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