That's So Raven Disguise the Limit VHS
So it's been recently announced that That's So Raven is getting a spinoff. This is what we know about the plot so far:
  • When the pilot episode picks back up on Raven’s story, we learn that she is now a divorced mother of two pre-teen kids, one of whom has inherited her psychic abilities.

I'm into Disney movies but I haven't really watched Disney shows since I was a kid and That's So Raven was the BEST show in my opinion. It used to be the only reason I went on Disney Channel and I was OBSESSED with it and was hoping for a reunion. I know that it will be in the style of a Girl Meets World spin-off style.

Here is my wishlist from what I want to see:

  • Appearance from Eddie, Chelsea, Cory and Raven's parents - So far only Raven and her two kids are confirmed to be on the spin-off. These were the original characters, and so I would love the spin-off in which they at least make an appearance.
    • Appearances from other characters - Again, I would like at least an appearance from old characters who appeared on the show (e.g. Alana, Muffy, Donna Cabonna, Sydney, etc)
  • GOOD CHILD ACTORS - OK, this is kind of mean but lets be honest, many children actors can't act and rely on cuteness. PLEASE BE GOOD.
  • The identity of Raven's ex - This will probably be the plot of a future episode but I'm curious as to who she was married to. I feel like it's either Devon or Eddie.