This is my first blog so please bare with me. So I guess Disney has started a trend of live-action remakes of their original films. Cinderella has comeout and Sleeping Beauty is about to be released. There are rumours of Mulan and The Little Mermaid being remade into live-action films too.

Personally I'm neutral to the idea. Upon announcement of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, I thought to myself "Oh gosh, whats the point of this", but after watching Cinderella, I thought it was quite good and really enjoyed it. I feel like they are quite unnecessary, but I do enjoy seeing live-action versions of some of my favourite cartoon films, especially if it has more detail and context than the original film could ever have. Although I would like to see more original Disney films or Disney adaptations (e.g. Thumbelina, Princess and the Pea, etc), I don't mind the live-action films, because they bring more to the table from the original animated films.

With movies like Maleficent, I absolutely love it. We get to see our beloved films from a different point-of-view, and get more insight. I would've preferred if they kept Maleficent evil, and not changed the canon to the original Sleeping Beauty, but I did love the film. With the new film Cruella coming out, (I assume it's going to be a prequel as Emma Stone way to young to play Cruella) and I really hope that she remains evil. I'm not sure how they can make Cruella, the puppy-killing diva, into a sympathetic figure (with characters like Maleficent and Ursula it can work, but Cruella is just insane). I do enjoy these prequel/sequel type movies alot more, especially if it's fro a different point of view. I'd also prefer they keep the canon, but like I said, I still enjoy the films alot.

What about everyone else? Do you enjoy live-action remakes or films from a different characters point of view? Do you like both or neither?

Thanks for reading