• Lisa2208

    So this is my first blog post, and I wanted to tell you guys whoa re reading some Disney World secrets that I know!

    Before I do, I wanted to tell you my "experience" at Disney. I have been to Disney 27+ times, I'm going again this summer, and we have done A LOT of things there. This next time were going to try to ride every ride, see every show, and meet every character during our 9 day trip. Were driving for the first time (Normally we fly there) and I've been looking at things to do there.

    So... these are some secrets I've learned about Disney, some more obvious than others. Thanks!

    1. Walt Disney tested other theme parks to see how long people walk until they drop the trash that's in their hand. He came up with 30 steps, so you won't walk 30 …
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