El Alicornio Unicorns in wester Europe, (Spain()  The horn looks twisted and the feet look like they have little wings/ fins

Gaelic Unicorns herds in the north running on mountains. They're one of the thickest coated types.

Bright Pegasus Unicorn herds who fly above the clouds with their horns twinkling

Slavic or Russian Unicorns pony sized but fleet running on eastern Europe's valleys

Small bearded unicorns who run on colorful grassy hills like Central Europe's unicorn and those on Greek tapestries

Unicorns who are riding horse size they'd be great to be the gate guards of the planet

Ruvas who have their flower specialty and live in meadows

Rainbow Unicorns who have their colorful mans and could be the Heaven's peaceful  herd that watch others like angels

Feathered Unicorns who have wings and eat featherbursts magical plants that poison all the other animals N. A. herds

Legendary Straighthorn Unicorns who live near streams of flowing water, but far from snowy lands

Ember  Unicorns with firey looking manes who live near deserts or even volcanoes eating lava beetles

Horn Changer Unicorns who could be the protective herd of the planet who guard a Royal Unicorn's Tower

Jewel Unicorns who live on mountains eating minerals as food, I'd let this type be friends with Unigons, part dragon

Beauty Unicorn's brightness can kill you, so I'd let it be the underground unicorn who hid in wide deep caves

Chinese Qilin Unicorns who looks deer mixed with horse

Poh, supposed to be China's prettiest looking Unicorn Type

Y Shu Unicorns

Kioh Twan Unicorns

Jon Sheu Unicorns

Hiah Chai Unicorns

Ki Lin Unicorns

Jon Shen Unicorns too.