Travelilng in my imagination my princess list would be Moana, Belle, Esmeralda, Merida, Jane, and Shanti following buddies like Reirei, Akela, Baloo, Rafiki, The funny rabbits in Alice in Wonderlands, Unicorns, Mushu, Swallows, flameback woodpeckers, toucans, dolphins, elephants, owls, tigers, lions, foxes, and some seabirds who fly a lot plus some eagle. I'd have them hike and dance repeatedly, but I'd let disney make the main scenes if these brave Disney princess ever had a outdoor show of altogether. It's just how much I love nature and enjoy exploring, plus the fun muisc sung by most of these Disney named characters. I like these Disney characters enough that I imagine their future show looking like a Disney Supperior motion picture.