Hawiian Vacation could offer beach sport games. Toy Story Of Terror could offer a rescuing race against Mr. Jones, Partysuarus Rex could offer a tub game with Rex, Toy Story 3 could offer some games against Lotso, Toy Story 2 could offer a few games against Al, Toy Story 1 could offere games against Emperor Zurg, Woody's Roundup is related enough to his job to offer him to travel and chase things Buffalo, Snake, Moose, Wolverine, Badger, Skunks, Rabbits, Bears, or Raccoons, Plus Sheriff Woody Pride is a cowboy so there could even be a few games with Slinky Dog doing things like keeping goats and sheep in line, or trying to jump volcanic areas. the Potatoe Head couple are seen enough to offergames of chasing vehicle driven by them with Jessie trying to catch them. Buzz Lightyear could for be offered some games of fight Zurg in outer space on screen flying from planet to planet and around the star galaxies. Sheriff  Woody Pride and Buzz Lightyear together could do a game against the robots who don't respect them in Toy Story 3.

Fun Mazes

A fight against ghosts at cemeteries near Deadwood

Rex helping Sheriff Woddy fighdt Aligators in Africa

Slinky Dog chasing Austrlia's Frogs

These are the sort of things I'd count on as fun additions for Sheriff Woody Pride on the next Wii Games............