It wouldn't be mean to let Pounce and River In Whisker Haven meet The Rescuers, and the rats in Ratatoulle movie, and if it was for Halloween one year.  It could go like River did some songs that we consider instrumental from CDs on Amazon either in Native American music or CDs like Jazz Wolf, or these styles could be mixed in the Halloween episode in River's scenes. Pounce could do playful scenes with pumpkins and animal cookies, especially if it's done with the mice and rats playing along. I can see the raccoon in the Whisker Haven cast using baskests, hollow pumpkins, and rocks to play hide and seek with horses who are eating in an enchanted garden. Pocahontas' Whisker Haven raccoon could be the character to gather corn. The owl who's a Palace Pet character could fly handing Halloween party invitations. In one scene the lovely Palace Pet horses could sing of unicorns. The cats who are more like domesticated cats could climb putting up the decorations of Halloween while the dogs cooperate. Corn, pumpkins, bones, some meat treats, and scarecrows are what I can see the dogs acting playful with to celebrate Halloween. It's the scary sculptures we put up for Halloween that I can see Princess Jasmine's elephant running around playfully.

If a Parade With Palace Pets was done I can see the Palace Pets and the Jaquins meeting each other I'd let this sort of entertainment be one of the longest parades for sure. Such a parade would deserve to be recorded onto CDs. 

Disney Princesses like Pocahontas, Ariel, and Princess Jasmine could surely take their pets to the beach together. If personal vacation scenes were done it could be like Pocahontas going to Yellowstone with River and Pounce, Princess Jasmine going to the Himalaya Mountains with her elephant at least following watchfully. The dogs could go to Tennesee and sing at a fair or they could do a similar scene at their own home. The Palace Pet fox could go visit its southern cousins. 

Decoration things that could show River, Pounce Pocahontas, and her Palace Pet raccoon, I'd let them be seen on things like music boxes. container people put jewelry in, suitcases children can use when going on vacation, dishes for house meals especially tea cups and Jars.

The Palace Pets could be divided and be put on seperate dresses for sure.  I'd let such speciall dresses be colorful for sure, I'd let them be for all ages too baby to teen, or for adults who love cartoons close to items like Hello Kitty merchandise.

Personallized items, Palace Pets could sure be on watches, or paintings that are someone's name done fancy. Like if Pocahontas climbed, River Jumped, Swam or Ran, while Pounce Peeked or held on to something. Or the Palace Pets would indeed be cute on lunchboxes that were personalized too. Or pillows of several styles would fit these cute Palace Pets, especially if divided like they are on their page that shows which princess each one's a pet of.

I can see Palace Pets meeting the Jaquins for sure in several things stage music, a parade moving down the street, times character carefully throw special gifts to a crowd, greeting visitors at the amusement park's ectrance, these two big gatherings could even be carved, hung on the walls or painted on around the wide walls of a single ride together.

I'd even let the Jaquins, and Palace Pets of Disney Princesses be mixed in Birthday Merchandise Absolutely. Because they're two of the funnest casts.