River could qualify in several sorts of tunes special enough to put on CD and consider extra music like Disney did with Ratatoulle's cast forming the CD called What's Cooking. River would do awesome with several musicians vocal instrumental. or soft music, she could even fit a few celebration songs, or songs similar to a few favorites that are related to a hero's adventure. River could even sing, while Pounce does an instrument and Windflower dances, Pocahontas joining in when possible. Pocahontas could let River do a song with Nita the Eskimo in a performance. Pocahontas could could let River sing a winter song with Belle,  Pocahontas could let Princess Jasmine, and Sultan in one song especially if the song did with mountains, or was a  song from Canadian styles or Eskimo music, or Princess Jasmine and Pocahontas singing together with River, Pounce, and Sultan altogether. 

Randy Newman, Phil Collins, Elton John, Jim Brickman, Bryan Adams, Paul Westerberg, Brad Paisley, David Lanz they're the types of singers and musicians I can imagine River inviting Nuzzles, Windflower, Thistleblossom, Fern, Pounce, and Sultan to sing with. it's music styles from Asia that I can see River singing with Ash in the moments  on a CD of extra tunes. If songs of Asia in the CD of extra tunes included more than River and Ash, it's Taj, Blossom, Sultan, and Nyle I'd add. It's Otto I'd let do sea songs with Windflower and River. 

Here I am, from Sprit Stallion of the Cimmaron

Reach For The Lights sung by Steve Winwood

Learn Me Right, from Brave

Beyond My Wildest Dreams Ariel again

River Of Dreams, sung by Billy Joel

The Enlightened Time

Can't Stop Loving You, sung by Phil Collins

Jazz Wolf CD songs which are instrumental with soft howls

He Lives In You, from the Lion King 2 Simba's Pride

Rocking the Suburbs


A Whole New World

several Brother Bear songs

We Go Together, from Fox and the Hound sequel

Song of the Seeonee

Lesson Number One

Colors of the Winds

Dig A Little Deeper

Where Do I Go From Here

Native American Music 

Music styles from Asia

We Belong Together by Randy Newman

Rag songs found in music books

instrumental Piano music of David Lanz

Mozart's instrumental music

Jim Brickman's music

This long list is just to help whoever reads this blog know what sorts of music I'd let the CD with extra tunes I'd let River be parts of for sure, or I'd let River the cute wolf pup in the Palace Pets cast at least do similar songs.