Gray wolf referances I'd use Balto including his sequel, The Jungle Book, and the wolf pack in Ice Age as examples. Red wolf I'd let it be florida and other warm states using Surf's Up references and Pocahontas references. Bush Dog, sure it would be bush dogs running together in their home in references of  Up, and El Darado. Coyote I'd use references of the Fox and the Hound but I'd let the coyote be lucky like Tod. Maned wolf i'd use references of Open Season scenes of Mr. Weenie being in the forest with his wild friends and Rio party scenes. Ethiopian wolf I'd use references of Frozen and Sword in The Stone since they hunt by themselves and then gather together again while sleeping or patroling. African Wild Dog I'd use references of Khumba for sure. Dingoes I'd use references of Dot and the Kangaroo since this movie has dingoes, The Rescuers Downunder it coloringi is awesome and Fern Gully2 references scenes of when the dogs are chasing the children since it has  scenes of the dog running after the kangaroo and that's mainly what dingoes do in Australia. I'd include the Tasmanian wolf since lots of movies already show the past and animated movies show a lot more than live-action and I'd let them live and use the movie references of Babe.  Jackals'd I'd use references of Lion Guard scene that show Reirei and her relatives I love the Jackal Style song, I'd also use references of Joseph King of Dreams and Tale From Earthsea because the jackals should have their freedom but I know they're active when they see strangers. Dholes I'd use references of Lion King scenes that show Shenzi and references of Shark Tale since both introduce a skillful leader. Raccoon Dogs I'd let them be active like Moro but friendly like Akela except that they hibernate I'd let them hibernate with comfort like Bambi's skunk friend. Artic wolf I'd use references of Narnia and Brother Bear.

Swallows, Flamebacked Woodpecker, Toucans,  Parrots, Kookabuura they're the few I'd let be main friends but I'd include eagles, hawks, owls, and song birds like bee eater. I'd let Dolphins and Narwhals be the main water mammals of this worldwide story. I'd let Flamingoes and Cranes be the main seabirds while Jays, crows, and magpies would be frequent followers of the varioius dog packs. 

I wouldn't just show wildlife I'd include lots of foreign holidays,  I'd even include unicorns and friendly dragons. I most of all wanted to share references so my steadfast compassion for dogs in the wild was clearer to those like movie planners.