Windflower picks corn, pumpkins, berries, and apples, while Meeko puts Thanksgiving decorations up. Pounce digs potatoes, with palace pets like Cubbie, Thistleblosson, Blossom, Nyle and Sultan. Taj carries the food to tables. River and Nuzzles go fishing with Otto, and Sandy Pearl so everyone has something to eat. Flit Pocahontas' hummingbird friend follows Cinderella while she busy picking Mayflowers. Stripes brings the yams. Princess Aurora feeds Berry, Madame Hamilot, Brie, and Booksy at a picnic outside, or in the kitchen privately. Meadow collects the acorns to share. Snowpaws, Ash, Sundrop, and Midnight do the Thanksgiving song of this episode. Truffles and fern pick the beans. Rapunzel bakes the bread, buns, rolls, and pies. Tiana cooks the casseroles and prepares the harvest food. Pocahontas goes canoing with some other characters. Ariel is the princess in scenes with carved crafts and pottery being either traded, or sold. Belle helps the horses of Whisker Haven. Mulan should have a scene of helping Ash, Sundrop, and Snowpaws in this Thanksgiving episode. 

Well imagination and Vocabulary the internet shares I've offered the Thanksgiving scenes I could. I wish Pocahontas, River, Windflower, Pounce, Flit, and Meeko good luck.