Rafiki, OOOH I love joyful Rafiki enough to let him be given arts styles the lions themselves don't yet have. I myself would love it if Rafiki had himself added to stuff like Mandalas about the Pride Lands as well as Mandalas of real various cutlures that show Rafiki as the main symbol, I want Rafiki Posters to be easier to find, I want his stuffed animal dolls to be easier to find. I've even imagined a few personal scenes Rafiki could have for only him and his family which is like I've imagined Rafiki secret sharing a temple with his family near the Nile River I've also imagined Rafiki Sharing a lagoon made of plants, vines and  wood with his family on special days I've imagined Rafiki having paintings of his invitation to stay on Pride Rock. Plus a song just for Rafiki which We're Gleefully Living Our Dreams. If Disney's Dancers would like someone's ideas for coming parades it's characters like Po the Kung Fu Panda, Marty the zebra in Madagascar's movies and Sheriff Woody in Toy Story I've so far imagined once in while seeing Rafiki to do fun stuff.

Chinese Mandala, even religious monkey designs

Islamic Mandala

African Mandala with Rafiki added to the African designs

Celtic Mandala evn if Rafiki holds a cross in his hand 

Turkish Mandala

Jungle Mandala with Rafiki as the main character shown on it

Native American Mandala with Rafiki framed in their cool designs of symbolism

Mandalas similar to the paintings of Scar

Zentangle Designs of Rafiki

Movie Posters of Rafiki on Velvet paper

He'd be wonderful for Holiday photos especially African days like Timkat and Kwanzaa

Beware Of The Zimwi is a Lion Guard episode worth letting be part of Halloween Disney stuff bcause the zimwi itself has funny looking photos tiny kids might consider creepy while older ones would laugh if they heard the song.........

Canines of Africa would be my main addition, but I'd let things like Swallows  be another main addition. I'd even add dolphins as a fun but rarely seen friend. If the episode collections inspired by the lion king had one other supporting page for lots of fun I'd let it be a page with a long list of Africa's Old Folk Tales. In some books of the Lion King these could be mixed with Lion King Comics and the Rafiki Rembers Magazine pages.