Like Pocahontas this gypsy who met Mowgli after his marriage folllowed the wind, Like Jane she traveled with bravery and like Julie of the Wolves this gypsy sang along when a song was howled by the wolves, jackals, or dholes. She'd relax on the clliffs and play her flute, her Indian sitar, or her Tambourine. She also ran racing swallows who flew near the Indian Ocean and swam out enough to meet the dolphins. She'd even try to listen to the rhythm of the dolphins' whistling and dance on the beach. She'd march when the elephants sound their trumpets busy patrolling the jungle in the morning. She loved picnicing with Baloo She'd bring plants he could eat from her small greenhouse garden.  Sometimes Baloo and Mowgli's gypsy aquaintance did  duets during a concert at the temple. She celebrated holidays of India and America. She'd listen to Bagheera for advice and to Ikki for news reports, this gypsy was willing to protect Mowlgi and his all of his friends she lived near the sacred mountains between India and China, the snow leopards and Sheer Kahn scared her, but India's herds were willing to help Mowgli's gypsy aquaintance travel safely on the rocky cliffs and mtn.