Lion Guard Series  characters, and Lion King Cast my firm opinion is there should be a fun book that has a mixture of pages related to plain African things combined with the Lion Guard's and Lion King's already written literatures

Pages of the Rafiki Remembers, found on the Lion King Wiki

Comics of the Lion King, Found on the Lion King Wiki

Music Sheets of favorite songs that include even the Timon and Pumbaa plus Lion Guard series too not just songs heard in  the three movie of these lions.

Character Introduction Pages shared in this big new book introducing both Outsiders and Pride Landers

African Folk Tales related to animals in the whole cast like the jackal, the antelope, or Africa's wildcats, plus several birds

Poetry of those like the zebras, Africa's monkeys, Africa's Turtles, and poetry of some African birds too like Swallows

Lion Myths From Africa, Asia, and Greece

Facts of Anubis since he's related to the Jackals enough to be introduced in such a special book, Reirei's a jackal

Monkey Facts of lucky numbers, and lucky colors found on pages of Zodiac facts

Activity Pages of things like favorite characters, and fun word puzzles, plus mazes

Pages of a few African celebrations like Timkat, Kwanzaa, Tubi Shvat, Gaborone International Music And Culture Week, Gerewol Festival, Bouake Carnival, Fete Du Dipri, and the Wildbeest Migration Safari too

A Map of Africa

And a few African fruits that people like to cook with introduced with a recipe for each

I'd let a special book like this also have a bookmark with it.