All Wild Packs Share Honor is what I'd name the brand new animated movie if it was about wild dog species worldwide. Wolf, Jackal, African Wild Dog, Maned Wolf, Bush Dog, Raccoon Dog, Dhole, Dingo, Coywolf which is the newest mixed species, Coyote, Wolamute, Malamute, Husky, these are the breed names I've discovered in the whole big dog family I just know fox species less than their bigger cousins. The only fox facts I've seen myself are Red Fox, Swift Fox, there are maybe six to eight fox species not mentionedi in stories but shown in useful science books, and that South America has several foxes. I'd let an adventurer who respects wild dogs be the hero / heroine of this brand new movie I just don't know basic steps to doing media stuff. 

May Disney finally make an animated movie of wild dogs worldwide please????!