Merida Baloo Ashitaka together with Maugrim, Maugrim seeing these three as fun sidekicks he could trust. Maugrim running free doing things like helping dulffpuds gaurd their invisible territory, helping fauns garden, helping centuars hunt, helping dwarves when they're in the mountains, helping griffins when fishing so even young griffins can have a snack, helping mermaids and mernen stay safe from those like sharks, helping the unicorn hide but still get its notes sent to others, helping Narnia's lion Aslan fight those who really meant to help the white witch so Narnia's valleys stay safe, helping the tigers when there's a celebration of them in Asia so they have plenty of decoration and feast, helping Baloo know when it's special days like the magpie festival the monkey's year, the elephant festival the dragon festival or a large celebration of his own canidae cousin, helping Akela when it's a time at the council rock, willing to give his jackal cousins small gifts, telling stories whenn seeing his African Wild Dog cousins in the south or chasing gorillas with them if they're in the jungles of Africa, helping his dholes cousins when he'd like to take a break of being the Alpha Wolf of his own pack, protecting Merida, Baloo, and Ashitaka when they camp. 

If Maugrim traveled in his TV show I'd let caribou and antelope be his main favorites of meat, while shrimp and salmon as his main favorite fish other than small things like crabs and shellfish we can eat. Merida I'd let Maugrim sled in winter, Ashitaka I'd let Maugrim help hunt on slippery cliffs, Baloo I'd let Maugrim respect him like the Seeonee pack already does.  Magurim could even play hide and seek with his short raccoon dog cousins when he wishes to have some active but easygoing play time for sure. It's his Ethiopian wolf cousins Maugrim could just hike with.