Rafiki seeing his mandrill family up in the trees that form the close jungle where Timon and Pumbaa found Simba, elephant and giraffes allowing Jasiri, Reire's daughter, the servals, Rafiki and Timon ride them frequently. Swallows, crows, bee eaters, hornbills, tickbird eagles and several of Africa's seabirds including flamingoes letting Reirei's small pack, Rafiki's mandrill family, Timon's meerkat family, Bunga, Mtoto, and other young or short characters race them just great fun. Reirei and her small pack seeing their few close cousins in Africa which are African Wild Dogs, Ethiopian Wolves, golden jackals up in northern Africa, and  side-striped jackals for fun to picnic, to race, to just party altogether, to sing songs that they all share, or to go do things like go swimming at least a few miles. Simba letting even outland characters come to the Kupatana celebration and festivals of things like unity and freedom. Simba letting characters like Reirei travel on the cliffs too not only the wide hills. Simba welcoming Kovu with pleasure to see him, letting Kiara Kion, and Kovu play with whoever they wished too for both, adventure and for finding friendship sooner. 

Vitani and Simba sometimes at a council together so they both knew the best kingdom solutions whether outand or pridelands. Simba letting Nuka entertain his cubs once in a while. Zira and Simba sometimes letting their prides hunt together to lands like Madgascar, or west states of Africa. The Lions once in a while riding the nice sea animals like the seal or the dolphins. Fuli and Kovu fishing a bit before something like a sleepover. Simba letting those like African Wild Dogs rescues his cubs or alert them when Janja's clan or Shenzi's clan are wishing to hurt the pridelands as Ethiopian wolves patrol cliffs close to his home, and Reirei patrols the valleys of Simba's home, if Simba really let more than just lions keep the pridelands and close states secure. And Simba letting elephants keep Pride Rock safe.

The gorillas partying with Rafiki's family quietly in the mountains where the gorillas live. Rafiki riding neighbors like the turtles, the young lion cub Kovu, dolphins, seal, warthog, elephant, Kudu or a close neighbors like Reirei when he wants to celebrate a special day or wants to travel quick but is too tired to swing in the trees, especially if he had somethings to deliver like a painting that was for someone else. Babboons and Rafiki's mandrill family sometimes camping together to do a ceremony of their own dance around fire and sing, a funeral, a birthday, a party of the monkey year on the Zodiac. Rafiki sledding over the hills in a huge turtle shell. Rafiki helping bat-eared foxes.