Before I start, I sincerely apologise to everyone for the bad structuring and haphazard description in the review, 'cause this is my first review ever. As everybody knows, Captain America Civil War just crossed 1 billion worldwide. Critically and commercially, it is along the top of many movie lists. It is being said to be better than The Winter Soldier, called the best MCU movie and even hailed the greatest superhero movie ever. And so you guys can guess how excited I was about the movie. However, I was severely disappointed when I did watch it. I think it was because I was a comic fan who went in with high expectations due to the hype train. While still an excellent movie, this movie was a letdown for me. While better than TWS in some places, some went below that and they couldn't maintain the overall quality like TWS did. And neither was the flow of the story as good and some parts it felt stiff and at some it felt lightning fast. Also, there was a thing that killed most of the drama for me. I could guess pretty much half of everything that was gonna happen. Plus the power levels were all over the place. Most people don't care about things like that, but me, I consider it one of the most fundamental units and logics of fictional universes. I am also of the opinion that if you have to throw the pre-established power levels out of the window and into the Marina's trench for a canonical story to work, then maybe that story shouldn't be there at all. Also while I agree with the critiscism that the same basic formula of the plot outline is rehashed, but then again, you could say that for every movie

            • Spoilers *******

The Bad

As I said knowing what was gonna happen. I caught onto every movie cliche quickly. When I saw that scene between T'challa and his dad, I knew dad was gonna bite the dust/ kick the bucket/ whatever metaphor of dying

The trailer shot with Ant Man on the arrow showed that he was going to go inside and muck up the armor

Giant Man was spoiled by this toy (but he was still awesome anyway and I loved that sequence so no grumble there)

Black Widow betraying Iron Man's team. With how much she was kicking around with Cap & team in TWS and in the beginning of this movie it was a question of when

A quick freeze-frame of the scene of War Machine's arc reactor being blown off in the trailer clued me to who it was by the colour and overall look of the energy beam. I mean who else have that colour energy blasts other than Vision?

Stark's parents being killed by Bucky. Many had guessed that way back as TWS, and with Tony showing the video of his last meeting with his parents and Bucky chasing that car, me and my friends already guessed that out that old movie cliche. Related to that

The climax fight. Many had their eyes glued to the screen, but I knew that since Strange is not yet in, I knew nothing serious was gonna happen to either Cap or Tony. I wasn't expecting Bucky to die either. And seeing how effortlessly Bucky stopped Iron Man's blow, combined with how IM looked in the whole movie plus Cap's fight with Spidey and the power level inconsistencies throughout, plus the many scenes of Cap and Bucky beating on him in the trailers, plus this being a Russo's Cap movie I knew they were gonna win. Just wasn't expecting Iron Man to look that weak which left me scratching my head. Add it to the fact that I was never too invested in any of these characters and is a casual viewer, while most otherscwere swept away by the emotion, I wasn't and could spot out everything wrong with the fight and thus found the final fight irritating. Anyway, guess I should be happy about Jobber Aura and Popularity Power finally making a full appearance in MCU and CBMs in general lol

My friend betted with another that Bucky's arm was going to be blown off with the chest blaster and he won. I mean, that's the only logical option. If Stark can't handle the arm with his strength, then he would definitely use other options. Frankly, I was expecting, till it happened, for Bucky to literally rip the armor off despite how illogical it would be, 'cause that's how the fight was going, but what happened didn't come off as a surprise either

Black Pather's dad's televised speech felt strawman. If not for the other speech that he gave before he died, he would've looked like a total a-hole.

Peggy totally getting the credit for the river of truth speech's MCU version - yep the very same speech Cap gives to Spidey in Civil War comic . Anyway she was gonna die so I guess she needed one last good moment. Also after this movie I would've despised MCU Cap give that speech, so it worked out but its still irritating

I still have a bit of trouble swallowing that Zemo by himself cracked Hydra codes which many S.H.I.E.L.D agents were unable to when he was only a special forces soldier while they have talented hackers. Also him physically being a wuss in comparison to the one from the comics. Then again it is evened out by him being a much more sympathetic individual and actually suceeding in his goal

Also, instead of going for the publicity gimmick and calling him Zemo, they could've chose another name and it would've gone without a hitch and there would be lesser number of fans hating him

Then the part(s) of the plot that fell into his lap. BP's dad getting caught in the crossfire led to BP chasing down Bucky. Without Panther Bucky would never have been caught for him to interrogate. Also, arguably the SS serum in the trunk which led to the creation of the other Winyer Soldiers. Without that lure Cap and Bucky would never have got to Siberia. Also, the body of the guy who impersonated Bucky when the bombing occured which he left in his hotel room being found that late. Yes he intended it to be found, but there's no reason for it to not have been found earlier when he had already left for Siberia. Also, the whole plan would have gone to hell if Falcon hadn't trusted Tony enough to tell him where Cap and Bucky had gone. Without Sharon being in the CIA dept. that got the responsibility of catching Bucky Cap would never have known, which itself hinged in Sharon getting her orders at the same time Cap learned of the U.N. bombing when she should've got the info earlier. And Sharon being the plot device who stole back Cap's team equipment from the base, without (if shevhad failed and got caught in the attempt) which the team's escape would have been a lot difficult. Then the chance of a Quinjet being in the city airport without which Cap and Bucky would have never reached Siberia. Without giant man providing the big distraction (pun intended) and Widow being the only one of Iron Man's team left unoccupied so she could stall Panther Cap and Bucky would've never escaped. Without Vision mucking up his shot at Falcon and wrecking War Machine, Iron Man would have had others with him coming to the base which again would have foiled Zemo's plans. Also arguably, Fury and Hill being otherwise busy also hampered his plans. And if Vision had not decided to sit out the fight until there was no one else to do it either everyone would have reached Siberia or no one would have

While they did it to diverse themselves from other movies, I'm still pissed about Zemo killing off the other Winter Soldiers who were more powerful than Bucky while they were in stasis. Lots of wasted potential there - though it did show that Zemo did not want to.make use of such weapons

The Crossbones armor could've been better looking. I don't know about you guys, but rofl, those arms reminded me of some bondage outfits . Also the logical fallacy of having detachable pistons as your source if strength. If someone seperates them from you and you're done, and then they are completely on the outside. Idiotic design. Okay, atleast he was badass. Then they killed him off again. They could've used any HYDRA guy in that armor and it wouldn't change a thing. Apparently good villains don't get the chance to live. Thank god Zemo lived

Redwing bit the dust as well. Yeah, uts a droid but its still useful

The scene where Cap and Sharon talk after the funeral is painfully awkward. Naybe it was supposed to be but that's a scene I could do without

Cap's lines: "He was my friend Tony" and Tony's reply: "So was I" felt a little funny in the trailers. Same goes for "This doesn't have to end in a fight Tony " line as well. In the movie proper when Cap is using it to defend Bucky who Tony just seen beating Tony's parents to death, that makes him sound incredibly selfish and shallow. Totally unheroic.  My cousin working in Brazil told me that the theater was booing and jeering at Cap when he said that while cheering for Iron Man when he said "So was I" . In fact, Cap's holier than thou attitude throughout the movie while proving that he's no better than anyone was disgusting. Guess that was the point since you're not supposed to root for anyone completely in this movie. I guess another reason also exists for me thinking that way, since it looks like MCU Cap's character is deviating more and more from 616 Cap ideology and more towards Ultimate Cap mentality and I hate that guy

Falcon's completely lame joke to T'challa in the car - Cats? Seriously Sam? Also ""everyone has got a gimmick these days"". Hypocritcal too much? I know its suppoaed to be funny but irks me.

Similarly, Bucky's and Sam's dialogue to each other in the car. Many found it funny but I found it cringeworthy

The background music was underwhelming

Hawkeye, Howard and Ross being idiots.Hawkeye trying to beat Vision on his own without any special tech other than that electrical arrow. Yeah like you need to be a genius to figure where that goes. Howard carrying around SSS which is even more powerful than the original one without any protection, not even a pistol with him. Nice judgement there Howard. Ross calling Tony for help when he already antagonized him and Tony saying that he would never receive help from him again. Atleast in Ross's case he atleast has a habit of being an entitled bastard

Ant-Man at times sounding even sillier than Spidey, who is a teenager

I particularly loath arrogant indivuduals, and in this movie Wanda came off as annoyingly arrogant to me, compounded by her being basically invincible. I know many movie heroes who get into way more trouble than her and is far less powerful in superpowered verses but they have got the label of invincible heroes but she's awesome? Guess not being the lead lets you off the hook. I guess that was the only way to match up the power disparity between the teams.

Now thinking about it, when was the last time Cap looked like he was really screwed? I mean other than those he let happen and brought it on himself and could've otherwise avoided? Unlike the other heroes who have had atleast one time found themselves in situations they were screwed no-matter what they did and needed some external factor for help.

I also hated Black Panther's accent

And why is it that so many guys in-universe have eyes on Nat? Its like there as if are no other hot girls. Hrrrmph!!!

Shaky cam was annoying. I wouldn't care normally, but basically averting it for all these movies and suddenly throwing it in? Nitpicking I know, but still jarring. Maybe they hoped to avoid questions on how things went in the fight making it shaky so the audience doesn't notice? :P

The VFX that de-aged RDJ. While it was good, at times its a little too glossy - unlike the perfect one they did for M. Douglas in Ant-Man. However that glossiness was not there in the shadows. I wish they had noticed it and adjusted the lighting accordingly

Also the editing in the Bucky's fight with armorless Tony, BW and Sharon looked a bit choppy till T'challa came in

The CGI guys made a mistake as well. While Bucky was wrestling down Iron Man with his normal arm, the walls were glowing even before the repulsor that was firing hit them

And in the memetic truck kick, the front of the truck was supposed to be dented after the kick, but due to a mistake in the camera angle the viewer can see its already dented and it doesn't dent anymore.

CGI Spidey could have been better

The accords barely have relation to the plot. I would've preferred that they atleast hinted that was going to be the case. Especially after that awesome discussion

Small fries, but Pete looked a little too dorky for my taste, since imo he was quite a looker even in his dorky days in the comics. Never cared much about Aunt May so I didn't care what she looked like

The jobbing Iron Man does throughout the movie. Especially in the final fight. Though the final fight was not the only time Iron Man was downgraded for plot. Why didn't he use his supersonic flight when they were chasing the Quinjet or when Rhodey fell out of the sky? Especially when he already caught guy's freefalling in IM 1 & 3 with lot less time or outpaced the Quinjets and caught upto a missile while heavily damaged without using that feature in Avengers. He was outpacing those F-22s in IM1 as well. Rhodes became a casuality for casuality sake. Why did the cars hold Iron Man down for so long? And why was he barely able to damage them with his repulsors or unable fly out of range? Why did Hawkeye's explosive arrows and Redwing crashing into him bother him so much? The former visibly danaged him as well. Heck even Falcon was kicking him around Now coming to the final fight Even Black Widow, a random contaiment cell, Black Panther and some random press fared better against Bucky's arm than his armor. I.E. Black Widow was barely damaged by him choking her and she managed to hold him off with her arms and legs and she didn't even have a weal. Bucky struggled to break free of a containment cell, had his arm held fown by a small press, heck even some random cops did better even when he was in Winter Soldier mode, and Spider Man effortlessly overpowered Bucky's arm after catching a punch with equal effortlessness, another Winter Soldier did so in a flashback with both arms with slighlty more effort and Black Panther did it with the same effort using one arm, Cap while he got overpowered was still able to catch a punch with both hands, yet Bucky was crushing the armor while Iron Man did not even slow him down by grabbing his hand. Cap also once got him in a sleeper hold and started crushing his armor, and he was helpless to stop it and failed to pry away atleast one of Cap's arms. Also, the way the final fight went, it looked like he would've been toast without the missiles, repulsors , lasers and what not, and while he was beating on them, there was barely any strength difference visible between him and the the other two he was beating them due to the armor's extra capabilities while strength played as much toke as it did for Red Skull as everytime he used just strength his punches and kicks were barely effective on either. Heck, they both looked stronger than him, Bucky even wrestled down Iron Man's arm with his normal arm. That scene alone made me appreciate BvS more, since even though Batman won, the power difference between them was crystal clear, and it was made totally explicit without Kryptonite, a suped up armed to teeth Batman with considerable superstrength (by considerable I mean on his own. Definitely not comparable to Supes) and durability due to the armor completely intending to kill stands absolutely no chance agaisnt even a holding back Supes. As it should be. There were so many ways they to have Cap and Bucky win without PIS but they wasted it. So this was the controversy in the ending they were talking about. Controversy with PIS. Totally original Russos!!! On second thought, I thought I would provide a description of the fight. This one was done by another user on another site. I've modified some parts where he either missed it or made a mistake. Remember Bucky's metal arm is his left hand. Every instance where I've felt IM underperformed will be marked with ---Instance---

Tony backhands Cap away and Bucky tries to shoot Tony at which Tony repulsors the gun away and ----then tries to throw a punch which Bucky effortlessly stops using his metal arm, wrist to wrist. Tony then carries him off, throws him on the ground, then stomps near the shoulder section of the metal arm ---and has to use his whole body weight and leverage to hold down Bucky--- to fire a repulsor blast only for Cap to knock him back with a shield throw and ---' the repulsor hits the floor which barely cracked---. And then he knocks away Cap with shoulder thrust and uses some restraints on Cap's legs which keeps him down. Bucky socks him in the face with the metal arm, then Tony flies off with Bucky again then ---tries to repulsor him only for Bucky's metal arm to grab the repulsor palm, pry it away and start crushing it, with the camera cutting to Tony's face with him looking real scared. Tony breaks free with a struggle and tries to use a missile, only for Bucky to grab his wrist with the metal arm and thus time bend it inwards to redirect the line of fire of the missile. Then the camera cuts to Cap cutting away the restraints with his shield and rushing towards them you can see Iron Man struggling to break free, which he is unable to until Bucky gets distracted by the falling debris caused by the missile and then Bucky jumps away clear of the falling debris while --' Iron Man is too slow to do that and gets crushed underneath it.--(wait, you can outfly explosions in the cave suit right? And the debris is weaksauce compared to the explosive power shown in the previous movie) Bucky then runs away at Cap's instruction and then Iron Man fires a repulsor which misses and hits a wall, ---which barely has a burn mark on it.--- Then when Tony tries to fly towards Bucky, --'Cap then easily holds back a flying Tony with one hand by grabbing one of Tony's legs then knocks out a jet boot with two shield strikes,--- after which Tony collapses a roof in Cap's way and then flew to Bucky, ---kicked him away (which barely rattles the paneling he hit : are you really trying to kill him Tony? I've see you hit people harder)-- and tried to fire another repulsor only for Cap to jump in shield first and block it, ---deflecting the repulsor back towards Tony, who goes down temporarily to it (waittaminnit, didn't he already and easily tank his own repulsor blasts back in Iron Man 2 and 3)----. Cap then pulls out a cable and jumps down and ---loops the cable around Tony's neck whivh makes him fall due to weight---(great, the armor can't even support Cap's weight now. Does this armor increase your strength at all Tony?) Then Cap knocks around Tony some more till he knocks away the shield and shoots out Bucky's exit using a missile (umm, Tony you already tried to use missiles and repulsors to finish him just moments ago and now you have a clear shot but you use it to block the exit?). He then flies upto Bucky who knocks him around with a metal rod before Tony blocks it and gets Bucky in a chokehold. Then when he flies down with Bucky (who doesn't struggle to escape) still in the hold (wait Tony, you were trying to kill him moments ago. Now you have the perfect chance to choke him to death or break his neck, but you go easy on him, and then flies towards Bucky's friend instead of flying outside? So now you want to go pure melee while previously you didn't) Cap then jumps on him, they hit a wall and they all fall down. Bucky lands on a ledge few feet down, while Cap and Iron Man fall down all the way. ---Iron Man and Cap equally struggle to get up---(umm, Tony, haven't you fallen from much higher heights without any damage, now you struggle to get up? And you are struggling just as much as Cap? For that matter, Cap, I've seen you jump from atleast two storey height in TWS no problem. Why is this too much for you? And its not like you were struck hard before. Heck Tony hit you just once, and you had ample time to recover. Then there was that 5 foot fall. Was that too much for you? Nerfing for drama strikes again), then has an argument with Cap. Tony then jumps at Cap and lands a right hook, which Cap follows with a right hook of his own, Tony throws a left hook, Cap too throws his left hook. Iron Man throws another right hook, which Cap catches at the wrist, and is twisting the arm --when Tony punches Cap in the midsection with the other hand. Cap ignores the blow,----(I can see Tony holding back his punches against Cap but he was clearly hurting hom before and why is he unable to now) spins Tony around and get him in a sleeperhold and ----starts squeezing. You can see a spark come out the armor's neck and the metal crumpling, with Tony being unable to pry his arm off, so Tony fires one of his repulsors---(oh now Cap can crush your armor with his bare hands and is too strong for you. Tell me Tony, why did you live for more than a second against Iron Monger, Whiplash 2 or Killian?) forward to propel himself and Cap backwards to break his hold. Tony then moves towards Cap, and Cap grabs one of Tony's arms by the fist, and holds it there. Tony swiftly squats on Cap and tries to punch him in the face but Cap dodges. Tony throws two more punches which lands, at which Bucky slams him with the shield edge and knocks him away. Tony fires another repulsor which Bucky blocks with the shield. Bucky then throws Cap his shield while Tony gets up and tries to throw a punch. Bucky ducks underneath it, uppercuts Tony with his metal arm, elbows Tony with his normal arm and then knees him (both eliciting a cry of pain from Tony), then Cap shield bashes him, then Bucky follows with a left hook, after which Tony tries to throw a punch at him but Bucky catches it with his left (metal) arm and follows with a right hook, Cap shield bashes him again, which Bucky follows up with a kick to the waist which brings Tony to his knees, after which Tony tries to fire a repulsor at Cap who blocks it and throws it to Bucky in the same motion, then Bucky shield bashes Tony in the midsection with his metal arm which makes him double over, then Cap punches him as he gets up knocking him down before Tony nails Cap with a repulsor and he is shown hitting the wall and getting KOd. (start counting from here) The scene cuts back to Bucky and Tony. Bucky throws a right hook which Tony parries, then Bucky punches Tony in the midsection, to which --'Tony responds which a right and left hook which Bucky is barely phased by---(Tony I see no reason now you would be holding back with your punches yet why are you not even able to affect Bucky with your punches atleast as much as you affected Cap) and easily blocks Tony's third punch with the metal arm before knocking down the arm with the normal arm. Bucky then throws an elbow with the metal arm which Tony blocks and then punches him in the metal shoulder which is completely ignored (great Iron Man can't even knock back Winter Soldier with his punches) Tony then tries to throw a punch repulsor combo, but -----Bucky dodges the punch, grabs him by the wrist as he fires the repulsor (which have no affect on the walls it hits) and wrestles away the arm with his normal arm---- (so Tony, you're armor is weaker than Winter Soldiers normal arm and your projectles are weaksauce. How do you eveb hurt your opoonents?) before punching back him with the metal arm. Bucky then charges forward, grabs Iron Man by the face with his normal arm and shoves his back again. Then he grabs the arc reactor. Tony knocks away his arm once but Bucky just grabs it again. '--'Tony grabs the metal arm bybthe wrist but Bucky powers through it and starts crushing the armor with Iron Man being unable to even budge the arm Bucky is also shoving him back with his normal arm, and while Iron Man has grabbed Bucky's normal arm above the elbow he can't even pry it off his helmet(now wasn't that a long 10 seconds). ---'- (Now Tony your armor is so weak that you can't even pull away Bucky's arm by grabbing it at the elbow. Now does this armor make you physically weaker?) Only then does he uses the unibeam to blast the arm off before -- finally repulsoring him, incapacitating him ----(wait Tony, I thought you wanted to kill him. Now you got the perfect chance to blow his head off yet you just repulsor him in the chest?) Cap wakes up and rushes at Tony who keeps firing repulsors. The scene then cuts to Zemo. When it cuts back to the fight Cap has Tony against the wall and is pummeling him. ---And when Cap is punching away at Tony you can see sparks coming off and metal shards breaking off from one of the right hooks Cap lands. ---' (Now Cap csn punch pieces of the armor. How did you escape the cave alive?) The AI then says Tony can't beat him hand to hand (but you just took him fown thrice in the same fight with minimal weaponry usage Tony!!!!)Then after the AI does the analysis, Iron Man catches the shield blow and a punch. Tony then repulsors the shield off (apprently he can't just pry it away),---' blocks a punch before firing a double repulsor which knocks Cap across the room. Tony then flies at high speed at Cap which simultaneously knocking away a right hook from Cap. He then punches Cap in the midsection, before following up with a rocket-powered elbow, then uppercuts Cap, before repulsoring him in the midsection. Then comes the he was my friend line, after which Tony follows with a right and left hook, before tossing him against the opposite wall.---(Woah, woah Tony, you oneshotted Cap and Bucky both with a single repulsor each previously. Now you got in so many hits but you still can't put him down. And didn't you use the same moces against Killian without any AI telling you anything) And then comes the Stay down - I could do this all day exchange at which Bucky grabs Tony's foot at which Tony kicks him in the face but doesn't do anything than bloody him (So Tony can't even KO an injured Bucky) up a bit Cap then grabs him and hoists him over his head at which Iron Man tries to fly out but fails (so even a beaten and groggy Cap can overpower Tony's supersonic jet boosters while barely having a grip on him) and Cap tossses him to the ground. Cap then jumps on him and punches him thrice then grabs his shield and hits him twice with it, completely breaking off the headpiece and leaving Tony with bruises and cuts all over his face. (when Tony's armor had been wrecked far worse but had way less physical dmagae on Tony. Also Tony) Then Cap raises his shield and Tony raises his arms to protect his face (So you can move your arms. Why didn't you try blocking earlier ?) and then comes the arc reactor stab which ends the fight (so Tony, why didn't Whiplashes whips cut your head off or bisect you? And didn't you already detect sneak attavks with your sensors in previous movies?)

Sorry for this part, but I have to say this to releive my mind. The worst part is so many Cap fanboys beleive that's how a fight would go and sometimes their nonsensical arguments are complete fail. Then they (the same guys who got their panties in a buch when Loki, someone who can throw down with Thor, destroyed Cap) rejoice of having this fight as proof of how a rematch between Cap and Loki would be way more in Cap's favor. I am going to list some (not all) arguments that looked wrong to me

""Everybody looked badass in this movie."" Well everybody except Iron Man.

""Cap and Bucky soloed Iron Man using all his abilities. "" Wut? They did beat the tar out of his most of the time, but only when it was pure h2h.Iron Man dominated when he pressed on with his other abilities. In fact, there are two instances in the fight when Iron Man got an advantage over both using arguably pure skill and technique when fighting solo. First when Bucky solo started smacking him around with a metal pipe. After getting knocked around, Tony grabbbed the pipe, then pulled Bucky towards him and spun it, getting Bucky in a sleeperhold. Then later, when he used his rocket boosters to trip Cap, Cap used his right hand to grab Tony's left hand. Tony immediately moved down and pinned Cap's right arm under his weight, and started wailing on him. They needed the other to suckershot Tony to escape in both occasions. In fact, I'd argue his skills kept him in the fight more than his suit's armaments. Yet somehow near the end of the fight Ca throwing the same punches (left and right hooks) made Tony unable to do anything? I could see several openings in Cap's moves. Also, you can analyse a fight pattern from that? And so Tony needs his AI to tell him to hold up his hands to block attacks and fire repulsors? What a joke

""""Cap and Bucky are better physical fighters than Tony."" I can agree with that.

"""In fact they are so much more skilled and faster that Tony won't even be a blip on their radar."""

I call bullshit on that. While Tony is no super elite MA, he is no fodder either, and has shown plenty skill before and actually has better speed feats than either of them

"""The armor makes him slow"" Nonsense. You don't dodge tank shells or block bullets with just your gauntlet and no HUD if it makes you slow

""""Stark will still feel hits inside the armor. Try wearing a football helmet or a motorbike one, and a pro bodbuilder or boxer will stll KTFO you with one punch. Heck, even in the same movie, after Rhodey got shot out off the sky, he broke his spine and lost consciousnes. Cap and Bucky have shown superhuman strength- they hitting hard as they can should be able to damage Iron Man's armor when regular people have punched through bricks, wood, metal, trees, walls, etc. Tony is jyst a human in the suit. Cap overpowered a helicopter and Bucky's metal arm is stronger so they can crush the armor which isn't that tough, heck remember the armor being left in pieces by that truck in Iron Man 3 Iron Mab got knocked around by all attacks he tanked.""" So? Even ordinary people can be knocked around and not get hurt. Iron Man was not hurt by those attacks, but all the attacks landed by Bucky and Cap did visible damage and pain. Heck, the comparison between the football helmet is idiotic, since Tony would be a red paste if his srmor only protected him like a football helmet does. So is the oridinary object and prople comparison. The difference between the armor's toughness and those mundane items as shown in the previous movie is much greater than the difference between ordinary people and supersoldiers. And the armor has taken superhuman blows without itself or Tony getting harmed. And the comparison with Rhodey is utterly ignorant since Rhodey wouldn't be simply KOd and a spine broken when having fallen from that height if the armor protects someone like normal ptotective gear. He would be in pieces. Especially ignorant since he had gotten his arc reactor shot off. And the armor in Iron Man 3 had knocked itself apart in its first scene, broken into pieces by Tony hinself with his bare hands and smashed itself apart by ramming into a wall. It was a prototype and was clearly intended to be a crappy armor, and even then it has some decent durability showings like protecting Tony from falling rubble, tanking getting crushed underneath the rubble of the destroyed house and ocean pressures, tanking a missile explosion etc. And Tony himself has some decent durability feats without the armor. Not that he could take many punches from Cap but he is much tougher than an ordinary joe. And the helicopter is nothing compared to what the armor has tanked before

""Iron Man was fighting in the most ruthless way ever""" More like fighting in the stupidest way ever

""""Iron Man appeared more powrrful than both of them combined "" Not to me more like an average joe who can take a punch with rubber bullet guns with ever changing calibre vs two mma fighters

""Tony had a broken arm going into the fight. His arm was in a sling. His armor had already taken damage at the airport fight"" Tony removed the sling with the same arm which was in a sling. And the armor looked pristine which was not the case after the aiport fight. And Iron Man has fought fights w

""""Bucky held him down for max two seconds""" Nope. This is either complete ignorance or outright lying

"""The unibeam which took Bucky's arm off being the most powerful unibeam ever used by MCU Iron Man"" Wonder on what basis did they come to that conclusion? So they did not see the unibeam Tony used on Iron Monger, Thor abd Eric Savin?

""Cap has already traded blows with Ultron, Iron Man is not that far off."" Wut? Cap barely did anything to the slow Ultron and eventually lost and was mostly getting slapped around and was completely ineffective without his shield while Ultron got destroyed and actually tried to run away from Iron Man.

""""Cap has destroyed Ultron drones which are equal to Iron Man?""" WTF? So Iron Man can be taken outvusing handguns and damaged by whiskey bottles? Heck Tony himself took one out using a kitchen knife. Those who beleive that bullshit can GO #$$$$$$&@:"*#^!!!

""""We have already seen other supersoldier types destroy armors and knock Iron Man around. Killian punched him in the helmet and knocked him back pushed him off a catwalk"""" You mean the extremis soldiers destroying those featless armors? Especially when it was explicitly shown that they vary in performance? And they have heat manipulation abilities powerful enough to liquefy metals on contact. Not to mention, this Extremis girl oneshotted War Machine with just heat while it withstood 1000 degree plus temperatures in the same movie. And again this is a reiteration of the knocking back argument

""""They only damaged the armor with the metal arm and shield""" No Cap damaged the armor with bare hands. And they both overpowered him without those. And with it Tony was completely helpless against them

""Iron Man was emotionally compromised. "" WTF? The whole plot of Iron Man 2 and 3 had him emotionally and phgsically compromised and he didn't look nearly as weak or incompetant there

"""Tony won because he was more stronger and durable"" Durable I can understand, but stronger? No. Yes, Iron Man has better strength feats than Cap or WS, but in this fight he actually looked weaker like I explained

"""Iron Man looked good fighting them. He was fighting two supersoldiers.""" Apprently supersoldiers means super against everything. So what, the Leviathans in Avengers, or Vibranium Ultron Prime, or Vision, or Wanda, or Thor - if they looked the same it won't be bad for them. Get lost

"""There was a lot of context in the final fight.""

Like what?


Cap and bucky were the underdogs in thatfight.


Like hell they were. 

"""Iron Man using the AI was just like in the comics. "" No. Comic Iron Man using a similar technique had no need of onboard weaponry against comic Cap. In the Civil War comic, Iron Nan acgvated it from the beginning, habing already studied the moves, and Cap couldn't land a hit on Iron Man while Iron Man beat on him at his leisure, telling Cap to back down at every punch he landed. Iron Man had to stop attacking since he was afraid one more punch would kill Cap even though Cap refused to back down. Cap went straight to hospital after that fight

""""This fight proves that Cap and Bucky are sttonger, tougher and can hit harder than Iron Man or anyone he fought before """ It would be wiser to ignore this

""""Captain America won because its a Captain America movie and those behind the movie have a thing for Cap and such combinations producing illogical victories and losses are unheard of"""": I can agreee with that, but so many think of this victory as legit. Same goes for the other kind of victories and losses. As long as the winner is a popular one his fans/fanboys will argue till kingdom come that incident is legit

There are more silly arguments but I am stopping with these. And again apologising for this section.

Related to the above, the complete inconsistencies in power levels in various fights, unlike the previous movies which it was either almost non-existent or had context behind them.  Bucky totally wrecked Cap when using the metal arm unlike in Winter Soldier where they were evenly matched. The metal arm could only eventually overpower him in TWS, but here it makes him look like a child. However, Black Panther looked even with Cap in skill or strength in grappling but he was wrecking Bucky all around wholesale and dealt with the metal arm in strength or speed while Bucky barely landed any hits on him in their three fights, and those which he did, made no change in the outcome. T'challa even took a full on hit from the metal arm without armor but was barely slowed down. Spidey destroyed Falcon and Bucky like they were cockroaches you stomp on, while Cap made Spidey look like a fool.

Spiderman hurt Giant Man with his blows more than Vision's headbutt, War Machine's or Iron Man's punches or weapons did

Hawkeye, while matching up better than how they did in Avengers, still fared worse against Widow in physical combat than frigging Black Panther

For power levels against inanimate objects, Cap not only holds down a helicopter, preventing it from flying away, then pulls it back towards him, but struggles to push its wreck (rotors, tail end and few other parts torn off from crashing) off the roof which should've been a lot easier. Even with Bucky choking him

Black Widow's tasers affected Black Panther in his armor way more than it did on Rumlov's bare skin

On a unrelated point to powerlevels, I found many were critcizing Iron Man for literally blackmailing a teenage boy into this fight or not letting Wanda out of the Avengers compound after the Lagos incident, but they forget that Cap made use of Hawkeye's and Scott's loyalty and fanboyism respectively to help himself out. Not to mention, by breaking Wanda out of the mansion, he got her and the other two in jail and permanently seperated from their families, while Tony told Pete to stay out the fight and web them up from afar, and sent him away as soon as he got a black eye, and those who chose to go with Cap, look at where it got them. Heck Cap probably has got entire Wakanda in trouble (though he doesn't have another choice by then). Those who came willingly ended up in jail and eventually on the run, while the blackmailed one ended up with just a black eye which he got from not obeying what he was told to. And not to forget Tony has seen that Pete can take hits better than anyone in Cap's team due go the youtube videos of Spider Man (yes, that's where Pete says Tony got those videos)

The good

Young Tony showing Howard that he had inherited quite a lot from him, just better, from mishearing one word was the funniest thing for me in the movie in retrospect. Basically it was Maria Stark: Tony is studying abroad Howard: A broad? What's her name? Young Tony: (sheepish) Candace I would have avoided saying bit but its really difficult to distinguish those words.

When Pete tells Aunt May he got his bruises from the big friend of a guy Steve from Brooklyn, she asks him if he atleast got back in some hits

Zemo rightfully telling a Hydra agent that the organazation deserved its destruction.

The conflicts, while still a bit contrived, were still more beleivable than what is usually seen in other movies and other media

The relation between Tony, Howard and Cap is more fleshed out

Cap's team's camaraderie was very touching. Especially everytime Cap and Bucky interact, showing how much they care about each other.

Tony's character arc was amazing. Especially when he immediately rushed to the Raft to clear Bucky's name when he found evidence he was innocent. Plus him destroying Scott with one line was pure awesome. Especially awesome to me because Scott was quoting Hank Pym and god, I hate that old prick. RDJ rocked his performance. When he is barely suppressing the tears of regret of not saying nicer words to his parents before their fatal accident, or while missing Pepper, or verbally beating himself over Charlie Spencer, (who was actually a social worker version of Tony who died in Sokovia) I almost cried with him. And yet they didn't forget to show he was a man with flaws but trying to amend them, while becoming more and more desperate trying to hold everyone together and protect them and falling apart over the course of the movie. Makes me wonder - did they invest so much into the character as an apology for makibg him look like a wuss in fights? :D

Falcon and Tony's convo in the Raft was one of the highlights of the movie. Especially since he started it by enquiring about Rhodes, while Clint was a jerk to Tony. Scott being a jerk was understandable since he has only had a onesided, horrible description of Stark from Pym, but not Clint

Vision's awkwardness was properly handled without going overboard

I also liked the discussion between Cap and Natasha on which side Bruce would be on

Talking about Charlie Spencer, his grieving mother is Alfred Woodard character. While I completely disagree with everything she said,that is exactly how most people react. Not everyone is good at understanding others, so I did not hate the scene like many others did

Poor, poor Bucky. Especially since he remembers every person he killed. His anguish was heartbreakingly clear, especially when Zemo says the trigger words

Peggy's funeral was masterfully sad.

""Congratulations Cap. You're a criminal"" & ""I want the world to see you as I do"" - two simple lines with great depth - those who haven't seen the movie, should see the scenes to get their true

Sharon's role wasn't as bad as many said it to be. Just because she kiased Cap that isn't the end of it and no it was way after the funeral

Sam and Buck's reaction after Steve kisses is comedy gold. Plus the .small but hilarious dialogues when they discuss Spidey

Excluding the final fight, pretty nuch every fight reeked awesomeness

Ignoring his accent, Black Panther was incredibly badass. I was like damn, they actually let him do all that in his first appearance. And despite not being in the center. Be had a good character arc and his last two lines in the movie are very badass

Spiderman was really cool and funny

Liked the exchange between Cap and Spidey at the end of their fight

Despite so many characters being in it, this is a Captain America movie and his story and he is front and center. And in spite of that, the other characters don't fade out and this becomes an Iron Man movie and Avengers movie as well, and Ant Man, Black Panther and Spider Man are far above glorified cameos as well and are important to the plot. Its amazing that they pulled it off Especially since Spidey and Ant Man are shoehorned in yet you love most of their scenes

Gotta hand it to the studio and editing guys for putting so many cool moments in trailers and released clips yet keeping so much more in store in the movie. Hats off to them

And holy s*** man, the CGI airport. The entire area was full CGI, and you would never know from watching the movie

Guess I shouldn't have seen the movie. I am not going really well in my life at the moment, and this movie just made me feel worse. BvS was already said to be utter trash so I was pleasantly surprised by it not being total sewage. In other words, don't take in the hype. Also, if you're an Iron Man fan, be prepared for many cringes when he looks pathetic in fights. For Cap fans, you can rejoice since he's basically invincible throughout except for two scenes