The text and news in the Disney Infinity game itself spell itself as Disney Infinity, as well as its website, the "Disney Infinity" YouTube channel and some of its videos along with some game news sites and IMDb. And many wikis, including Pixar, Pirates of the Caribbean, World of Cars Wiki, Muppets, Monsters, Inc., Phineas and Ferb and Frozen Wikis, also title their pages of the game as Disney Infinity. I think it looks better with Disney Infinity on Disney Wiki rather than Disney INFINITY, which we could perhaps additionally have a bit of info on the page saying "(stylized as Disney INFINITY)", like that Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki says "also stylized as Disney INFINITY". Additionally, PatTag2659 (one of the admins on Disney Wiki) had renamed the pages of the Tron films from TRON to Tron, as saying that it is the proper name, and Ozuzanna (an admin on Community Central) had renamed the Anna and Elsa Disney Infinity pages on Frozen Wiki to have "Infinity", as saying that it is the official name.

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