We all heard of Disney which is why we are in this wiki, one of the most expensive companies in the world, also world known sporting event The Olympics, which are held every four years (2 years if you add summer and winter games).

This theory starts in 1997. When Hercules is released in cinemas in June 1997. The same year the host of the 2004 games is revealed. The setting of Hercules is Aceient Greece, where also the 2004 games is being held. On October 1997. The IOC annouced that Athens would be the host of the 2004 games!

The next movie Mulan is released in 1998. The setting was in China. And Guess what! In 2001, The host of the 2008 games were being announced, the 2008 games is the games after the 2004 one in Athens, and the IOC made Beijing, China as host.

In 1999, Tarzan was released although the setting was in Africa, the movie does have british people in it. In 2005, London won rights to host the 2012 Games.

Finally In 2000 The Emperor's New Groove was released, It is set in Inca South America, Rio de Janerio, Brazil won rights to host the 2016 Games, making them the first SOUTH AMERICAN country to host an olympics.

Tokyo 2020 broke the chain of prediction, it would of been broken anyway because the next film after the emperors new groove was Atlantis which would be considered non existed.

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