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    Hello Everybody!

    First off, some of you might know that I have been spending time on YouTube, if not PLEASE subscribe to my Youtube channel, and you'll WANT to when you read the upcoming announcement.


    Now, onto the fun part. Now, lots of people will make Top Ten lists of Many different types of Disney Songs, though they use their personal preferences. Now in these videos, I see loads of comlpaints by different people about how "This song should have been there" or "Why is THIS song number one?". So I have decided to do a bunch of "Top Ten Disney Songs" videos, each with a different catigorie. In in THIS version, the disney fans are the one's who decide. I will put up a poll every mon…

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  • Legoindy7734

    Check this out!

    January 3, 2013 by Legoindy7734

    OK, I am an absolute HUGE fan of the Epic Mickey series. I recently found a blog were someone will contact Warren Spector if people give him what they want to see in Epic Mickey 3. I really support this idea, and since the Epic Mickey wiki isn't that popular, I decided to post a link to that blog here. Please go to this blog and give this guy your ideas. With luck, this will be the best Epic Mickey ever!


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  • Legoindy7734

    Remember when Disney (and specificly Disney Channel) was good? Remember when Mickey was a hero and not a Disney version of Dora the Explorer? Disney has made me wonder how we ever went from this to this. Even though I am a teenager (and a young one at that), I miss shows like House of Mouse and Lilo and Stich:The Series. I'm a Teenage BOY and i miss the classic Fairytale movies Pinnochio and Snow White! Come on Disney, Bring back the classics! Maybe even make a series based on Bolt! I don't care as long as it dosen't include Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, or any other teenage girl on that channel. And if you think people will complain, Transfer those stupid shows to a new channel like mabey Disney Teen? You can keep shows like Phineas and Fer…

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