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    Dolan the Duck?

    November 8, 2014 by LLG22

    Hey, I have read some of the DolanTheDuk comics. I have to say, I do find it pretty funny, but it's also really insulting. Disney worked hard with the Mickey Mouse cartoons, and they came up with those awesome characters. And someone comes up with an idea to make a troll comic of those characters. They try to make it as funny as they can, and the grammar as terrible as they can, they draw weird versions of the characters and, how do you think it affects Disney? Do you think it doesn't bother them? Disney can find out about this and probably get the owner of the comic ARRESTED.

    Please don't comment anything nasty on this, I'm sorry about this rant, I just find it really insulting for Disney.....

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  • LLG22

    Ever since my dad told me about Disney Infinity, I was really excited. I was looking foward to it, and ever since it was released I wanted it. But I have 3 Skylanders games, so I'm getting the Disney Infinity original version this Christmas! :D

    Now that I'm older, I can have DI now, but I got the Infinity Toy Box on my iPad, and you have to buy all the stuff in it. And that's why I'm getting the PS3 version.

    After what I've seen so far, I was thinking about more characters that could be in it. Like Planes, Lion King, Sofia the First, Atlantis, Gravity Falls, etc, etc, etc. c:

    Here's my wishlist for Disney Infinity, and let's hope they see it! :3

    • PLANES! I mean really, they have Cars in it, and Cars and Planes are basically the same thing, an…

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