Well, Hercules wasn't one of my favorite animated movies, but as a kid i enjoyed it a lot.I watced Hercules two days ago for the first time in several years and i have to say as an adult i didn't like it at all!! I found it very childish,bad and weak movie compared with the other stunning movies from the Disney's rennaissance era such as Mulan,Tarzan,the Hunchback of Notre Dame and especially the big 4:The Lion King,Beauty and the Beast,Aladdin and the Little Mermaid.Hercules consider as a downfall from this popular era and i can see the reason!

First of all they tried hard to do another Aladdin but of course less funnier and without success!!It has nothing with the original Greek mythology is an American fairy tail,bad copy of Superman and in my opinion some things you just don't change them especially the mythology.

As for the History:Hercules was the son of Zeus and Alcmene NOT Hera's,in fact Hera hated Hercules.Megara was a princess,the oldest daughter of Creon the king of Thebes.And FOR GOD'S SAKE!!Stop consider Megara as a Disney princess she has nothing with royalty,only in the mythology not in the movie and also Hercules isn't the prince Charming he is a legendery Demi-god!!Please don't ruined everything!

As for the animation:UGH!!The animation is by far awful,even the cartoons of weekend have better quality and i never understood why they did the Greek Gods looked like creepy monsters as Hades and Poseidon.Wrong!The Greek Gods looked like humans in mythology and you can see what i mean by the statues.Also i didn't like that some of the Gods like Hera,Afrodite and Poseidon had pink skin,neither Are's orange skin,neither Athena's blue skin or Apollo's purple skin!!Come on!!Pink,blue,orange skin???The animators were completely crazy??WHAT WERE THEY THINKING????

As for the characters:Hercules was plain and very weak lead character,for me Hades was the heart of this movie,he was very funny and propably one of my favorite Disney villains also i love Pegasus. Megara stole the show from Hercules,i am not big fan she isn't my favorite heroine  but anyway she is by far better than plain Hercules.Pain and Panic were funny and as for Philoctetes i find him annoying and sometimes mean.

As for the music:The only song that i love is Go the Distance which is very good and also was nominated for Oscar but lose it from the Titanic's song My heart will go on by Celine Dion.Overall I don't like the music and the others songs, sorry i can't stand the muses-they just screaming not singing, i close my ears when i hear them!!!The pop culture and jazz music it has NOTHING with the Greek traditional music and that's makes me sad because i am Greek and i didn't see any reference to the Greek culture and traditions for example the whole movie in Mulan has so many reference to the Chinese traditions and the music score it was based on the traditional instruments.

Conclusion, i respect the fact that some people like Hercules but for me is a mess and extremelly OVERRATED movie for nothing,they just make a cartoon parody of classic Greek mythology.