Jane Porter

  1.And daddy,they took my boot!!                                                                     HANDS DOWN!! My all time favorite heroine!! Jane is such a wonderful female character,in my opinion the BEST realistic disney character ever made and i love her British cute accent!!Jane is a real artist the only disney character who can sketching not just drawing, she is very educated,bookworm like Belle,smart and ladylike, but she still has a sence of adventure.She isn't perfect like all the disney princesses but she is very natural girl with her defects and sometimes she is awkward and shy especially when she bites her lips i find her extremely cute!!She is passionate and wants to learn new things.Also Jane is one of the funniest disney characters,the scene where she met Tarzan for the first time is just hilarious!!She has very close and beautiful relationship with her father and that is very sweet.Jane reminds me of myshelf because i am an artist and bookworm just like her.She is way better role model for the little girls than some of the disney princesses because unlike most of them Jane didn't find the perfect prince Charming,she found a wild man who could only speak gorilla, and she not only taught him how to speak English she actually learnt his language, and then she gave up her dainty English life to live in the jungle with the man she loved!! Unfortunately she is very overlooked and i wish she was more popular because she is the best!!     

Belle pollpic 01


2.If you mixed Belle and Jane that's me!!Belle is my all time favorite princess because she reminds me of Jane and of course i grew up with her.Belle has a deep love for her father and she will do anything to save him.Belle is also bookworm just like me ,she is an intependent woman who doesn't afraid to express her own opinion and she doesn't want to find a handsome prince.The main reason that i love her so much is that she doesn't judge the others for their appearance but for their personalities.Belle, along with Jane are the best role models!!Because the beauty is found within.....                                                                                                                                                                                      




3.Who doesn't love Mulan??Mulan has my dream personality,she is extremely brave and along with Belle and Jane she has also deep love for her father.She reminds me of Katniss Everdeen-one of my favorites fictional characters.She will do anything to save those who cares and loves especially her family.Mulan is a real warior princess,she doesn't wait a guy to save her, unlike some of the disney girls!!n the end she SAVED all the Chine and the guy!