the movie up does not make any sense!!! ok,ellie and carl are first shown as kids, ellie is maybe older than carl 

and they are both fans of charles f. munstz who is...the bad guy.charles is way older than ellie and carl [charles is already

an adult] so why is charles still alive when carl fredrickson got old and when ellie is already dead?! so if ellie is dead,then 

charles is maybe more than 98 years the movie up does not make sense at all!! later,charles risks his own life 

just to catch a bird named kevin by russle the boy,why in the world will he do that just to catch a bird?russle also said that

his father promised to come to his ceremony to celebrate that senior explorer thing,and after charles finally fell down and 

killed himself,russle and carl finally let go of the floating house and now lived in the spirit of adventure which was the 

house of charles f. muntz before he killed himself.then,it is time for the ceremony thing and russle`s dad did not come

so carl pinned the badge on russle,so did carl adopt russle or did he become his grandfather or something? where the 

heck was russle`s dad? did he die? anyways...... the beginning does not make sense at all.

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