10 THINGS YOU MAYBE DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THE MOVIE FROZEN

1.elsa and anna`s parents died on the way to rupunzle`s wedding ceremony.

2.during the song,for the first time in forever,there is a cameo of rupunzle and flynn walking outside.

3.hans`s horse`s name is citron,which is a origon word for lemon.

4.the names, anna, sven,kristoff,hans, are all from a person called hans christian andersen.

5.the movie is based on a movie calles snow queen by hans christian andersen mistake:when anna goes infront of oaken`s suana,there is no wind,then anna enters it,the wind  slams the door.

7.elsa was meant to be the villian of the movie but they changed it when the song let it go is introduced

8.elsa is the oldest disney princess.

9.there is a rock on the mountian that is shaped like a skull

10.there is a cameo of tiana from princess and the frog but can hardly be seen