These are small sections I believe are part of an overall story and some pieces may be edited to fit the plotline so not everything will add up or make sense. Also some parts of different stories may sound like other written stories take, The Beast Within: A Tale of Beauty's Prince by Serena Valentino for example. Full credit to people like this.




Queen Grimhilde/Maleficent

Scene 2 After Many of the worlds were destroyed by the darkness only a few fragments stand. Grimhilde's Castle was demolished by pure darkness and only a few walls and many shattered decoration pieces lye, by this time the queen knew about the different worlds around hers and so she went down to what was left of the laboratory and stumble upon a whole in the wall that led into her fathers secret study...

Maleficent was able to defend herself from Master Xehanort however the Forbidden Mountain was engulfed in darkness. Eventually the darkness left leaving the already damaged castle even more unstable, Maleficent crawled back to her domain to rest...

The Queen found a spell that would transport her to a different world but some of it was smudged...The queen was being attached before her very eyes and without a second thought transported to a different dimension...

Maleficent went to her bed chamber to get some sleep...Grimhilde was standing in the middle what was the throne room but now is a few pillars and a gaping whole where the right side entrance. The Queen decided to search around the place while Maleficent woke up from a disturbance in the silence. Where one went the other went the opposite and where the were cross sections both coiled around each other without notice. The queen established the ruin was empty and claimed it as her own and sat in the throne but Maleficent rushed to stop her immediately. The two argued for quite sometime. An earthquake shook the castle's towers to rubble. Maleficent and the Queen both take out the armada in different ways but that was getting them nowhere until they decided to converge magic's to destroy them but they also knew it would do something much bigger so they converged forces and created an explosion of light created from darkness which took out the unversed and heartless but also recreated the forbidden fortress and introduced new architectural styles from different Disney movies but predominantly Castle Grimhilde and the Forbidden Fortress.


Scene 2 The darkness sensed a disturbance in the realm, Dwarf Woodlands and sent a siege to destroy it. The darkness sent an armada of unversed and heartless to destroy the castle ruin for good however the castle started glowing with rays firing here and there and no could tell what happened after that.