(Now I'm sorry I'm not including Brave in here but I haven't seen it. I will include it in my poll though. Also this will only be those ending with the death of the main villain, but will include both battles with Jafar all the same.)

Now the Disney Princess thing is again taking note of Frozen being the third Disney Princess movie not to kill off its main villain, but there have been some pretty good final battles in The Lion King or The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Evil Queen - Snow White and the Seven DwarfsEdit

After tricking Snow White into eating the poisoned apple, the queen, still disguised as the old hag, walks outside before the dwarves chase after her with a vengeance, and Grumpy, who previously hated Snow White for most of the movie, is leading them on. They chase her through a storm where she briefly gets tangled in vines before she is cornered at a cliff at the edge of a mountain. She tries to tip a boulder to fall on the dwarves and crush them. Grumpy says "Look out!" Then lightning strikes the cliff and sends the queen falling to her doom. The boulder falls off after her and two vultures fly down to eat her remains.

This isn't so much a battle as a chase scene.

Maleficent - Sleeping BeautyEdit

As Prince Phillip rides toward King Stefan's castle to break the curse on Princess Aurora, Maleficent stands at the top of her castle with a malevolent aura above her and shoots curses at Phillip. Phillip avoids them all, then Maleficent creates a wall of thorns around the castle. Phillip cuts through the thorns, then Maleficent teleports to him and says "Now shall you deal with me, o prince, and all the powers of hell!" And she transforms into a dragon, who attacks Phillip by trying to bite him and breathing fire at him. The fight goes to a cliff, with a swirl of green clouds above them, and Maleficent knocks Phillip's shield over the cliff with a blast of flame. Before Maleficent fan finish him off, the good fairies put a spell on the Sword of Truth, which Phillip throws at Maleficent, stabbing her in the heart in bloody fashion. And as if the initial deathblow wasn't enough, she falls off the cliff.

Despite being the least action-packed Disney Princess movie of the eight I'm familiar with I'd say this is one of the most epic battles, rivalled only by Jafar in my opinion.

Ursula - The Little MermaidEdit

Furious at Ariel having caused her to kill Flotsam and Jetsam, Ursula uses King Triton's trident to turn giant, causing a storm with purple clouds and intense waves. She creates a whirlpool leading to the bottom of the ocean, with Ariel in the middle of it on the ground, and tries to destroy her with the trident. Prince Eric takes command of a sunken ship, and as Ursula is about to destroy Ariel, Eric impales Ursula with the bow of the ship, which completely destroys her.

This has been referred to by many as the most brutal Disney villain death.

Gaston - Beauty and the BeastEdit

Jealous that Belle loves the Beast instead of him, Gaston beats up the Beast, who is unwilling to fight back until Belle returns. Eventually Gaston is ready to kill the Beast, saying "It's over, Beast! Belle is mine!" Reminding the audience of Gaston's motives for wanting to kill him. But the Beast beats up Gaston and soon has him at his mercy. Gaston begs for his life, and the Beast spares him. The Beast reunites with Belle on the balcony, but Gaston stabs him in the back with a knife. The Beast swings his arm at Gaston and misses, but it causes Gaston to lose his footing and fall to his death in the chasm below with a high-pitched scream that beats all those from Halo 3.

Though I'd put the fight below Maleficent and Jafar, Gaston holds the position for my favorite Disney villain death. Oh, and for the third time the fight takes place in a storm.

Jafar - AladdinEdit

Jafar summons Genie and uses his first wish to become Sultan. Dark blue clouds appear. When Princess Jasmine refuses to bow to Jafar, he uses his second wish to have Genie - who is forced to lift the castle onto a mountain in giant form - turn him into a sorcerer. Rajah attacks Jafar but he turns him into a kitten. Then he reveals Aladdin and Abu's true identities and, with a Villain Song, banishes them to the ends of the earth. With maniacal laughter, the clouds turn red.

The fight resumes when Aladdin returns and tries to take Genie's lamp back. Jafar makes a Voldemort style comment "How many times do I have to kill you?" Jafar attacks all of Aladdin's allies, while making puns the whole time. "Your time is up!" He traps Jasmine inside an hourglass. "Don't toy with me!" Turns Abu into a toy. "Things are unravelling fast!" Unravels Carpet. "Get the point?" Sends swords at Aladdin. "I'm just getting warmed up!" Creates a ring of fire around Aladdin. Then the real fight begins - Jafar transforms into a snake. While trying unsuccessfully to rescue Jasmine, Aladdin fights Jafar with a sword and stabs him twice, but eventually Jafar wraps his tail around Aladdin. Then Aladdin tricks Jafar into using his third wish to become a genie. Jafar is now all-powerful, but is also bound to a lamp. Aladdin takes the lamp, and Jafar and Iago are sucked into it.

I'd either vote for this battle or Maleficent.

Jafar - The Return of JafarEdit

Upon realizing his elaborate and sadistic plans for vengeance against Aladdin had failed, Jafar reassumes his genie form. Genie distracts Jafar disguised as Aladdin, but when he reveals his true identity, and Aladdin tries to take Jafar's lamp while riding Carpet, Jafar turns Carpet into glass, shattering him on the ground. Aladdin reaches for Jafar's lamp, but Jafar creates a lava pit, with Aladdin and the lamp on pillars of rock. Iago flies in and grabs the lamp, but Jafar blasts him and he falls into a platform. As Jafar taunts Aladdin, Iago kicks his lamp into the lava. The lamp melts, and Jafar is spectacularly destroyed, putting an end to his evil plans forever.

Shan Yu - MulanEdit

After Mulan foils his plans to take over China, Shan Yu chases her through the Emperor's palace. Eventually they get to the roof. Mulan grabs Shan Yu's sword from him, then Mushu appears with a rocket on his back. Mulan beats up Shan Yu and pins his cloak to the roof with his sword. Cri-Kee lights the rocket, which goes flying at Shan Yu. He is unable to avoid it and it hits him directly, sending him all the way to the fireworks tower and obliterating him in a fireworks display.

Dr. Facilier - The Princess and the FrogEdit

Facilier tries to get Tiana to give him his talisman back by offering her the chance to become human again and run her restaurant. However, Tiana remembers what is truly important and tries to smash his talisman, but his shadow grabs it. Facilier pins Tiana to the ground, but she grabs his talisman with her tongue and smashes it on the ground. Now that he is unable to pay back his debts, the voodoo demons drag him and his shadow into hell while singing a creepy song.

There really isn't much of a fight here, but the death scene itself is eerie and is my third favorite.

Mother Gothel - TangledEdit

Gothel stabs Eugene, mortally wounding him, and goes to take Rapunzel to a new location. Rapunzel says she'll keep fighting her unless she can use her power to heal him. Not wanting Rapunzel to suffer, Eugene cuts Rapunzel's hair, causing it to lose its power and its effects on Gothel to wear off. Gothel begins aging rapidly, then Pascal trips her with Rapunzel's hair sending her falling out the window. She ages into dust before she hits the ground.

Again, not really much of a fight here.


What do you think was the most epic final battle with a Disney Princess villain?

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