• Khyber the Huntsman

    1. Frozone - First of all, this game has no playable African American characters so far which is odd. Secondly, Frozone is an awesome character. Samuel L. Jackson has already stated that he collects figures of the characters he plays as. I know he would love to join the cast of Disney Infinity and have his character in the game. Also, his powers are awesome, even though they are like Elsa's. 

    2. Beauty and the Beast Pack- Everyone loves this movie.  It was the first Disney film to make it on Broadway, win a Golden Globe, and to be nominated for best picture.

    It could be made into a new playset piece. The playset would take place at Beast Castle and the Village.  Characters like Lumiere, Cogsworth, Ms. Potts, Chip, Chef Bouche, Maurice, Wardr…

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