Arendelle,22 Years before The event on Frozen...


A woman narrate the story.

Once upon a time, Live 4 wizard, they are brothers and sister, each wizard control one of main elements.

The eldest, control power over fire, live in West, He was known as The Red King. 

The 2nd, control power over water, live in East, She known as Water Princess

The 3rd, control power over air, live in South, he known as Prince Air

The youngest, control power over ice and snow, live in North, She known as The Snow Queen

One day, the world of sorcery is in danger, they all assemble in Middle of the Earth, to take shelter.

In case of safety, they will give their power to someone who deserved it. 

The Woman tells that every 100 years, 2 light will be seen fired from North direction, 100 years later, South, East and West. It will repeated annualy until all of the power is gone.The light will be seperated and go toward a selected woman. The child of the woman who receive the light, will received ability to control over The Wizard's power. These boy and girl will grew up and turn into King and Queen of the power they controlled. To control the power, they have to control their emotion. Both of them will meet once they reach age 21 year. 

Chapter 1: Return to The Southern Isles.


22 Years later, a day after the event on the first Movie...

The French dignatary ship has leave Arendelle,  A week later on the capital of Southern Isles, Hans's 2nd eldest brother, Prince Henrik, has waiting for him, The French dignitary then leave Hans with his brother,at the Castle, Hans discover that his eldest brother, has Crowned As King Harald Alexander Westergaard of The Southern Isles.

As the new king, He didn't punish Hans, Instead, He planning something else.

He plans to expand territory of Southern Isles, all of his brother, including Hans Agree.

He appoint Hans as Fleet admiral of Southern Isles Navy, Firstly he and all of his brother apology to Hans for treating him like that.( 3 of his brother pretend he was invisible for 2 years.) 

They Planning to Invade Arendelle, if They succeed, Hans will be appointed as Grand Duke of Arendelle.


At the same day after events on Frozen...

Arendelle Harbor.

 Scene focused to the French Dignitary's Ship.

French Dignitary: Time to go, before we go home, we must return this "Prince" first.

A Week Later..., The Southern Isles

The Ship has entered the Harbor, Scene Focused to French Dignitary, Hans and Henrik

French Dignitary: I will leave him here, Thank you.

The French Dignitary then leave them. Then Hans and Henrik enter to the Royal carriage. Scene change to Henrik and Hans.

Henrik: Hans, Why did you do that?

Hans: Just tell me, what is my punishment?

Henrik: You will Know it when we meet Harald.

Scene change to The Southern Isles Castle. scene focused to Hans and Henrik enter the Castle.

Harald: Welcome Home, Brother. Now you have to fullfilling my orders.

Hans: Why i have to?

Henrik: Because now he is King Harald IX of Southern Isles.

Hans:(Shocked) so what is my punishment?

Harald: Before you Know what is your pnishment, firstly i will say something: I'm sorry, for treating you like that.

Hans: Eeh, Apology accepted, so, what is my punishment?.

Harald: You will be, THE FLEET ADMIRAL !!!

Hans: Oh Thanks Harald, you never treat me like this, i'm very very Thanks to you.

Harald: Okay..., but you have to do a Task.

Hans: What Task?

Harald: You have been to Arendelle before, Alone. Now, you will return to Arendelle, With 30 Ship, i know you have been try to Kill the Queen, and take the Arendelle, now do it again!, We will expand our Country.

Scene Close with Harald Stab a knife to the Map of Arendelle. 

Chapter 2:Mid-Summer Winter Festival


Arendelle,One month after the events on the first film...

Arendelle will Celebrate Mid-Summer Winter festival, to celebrate the Anniversary of Arendelle, At the time, Elsa has rule Arendelle for a month.

Its called Mid-summer Winter festival because Elsa use her power to making Winter in Mid-Summer everyone is happy.

As usual Kristoff and Anna walking Throught the town, Olaf take a whiff in every single flower he passed, which cause him to sneeze and losing his carrot nose, then sven take it back to him, while Elsa making an Ice statue for every townspeople, but Elsa always thinking about something: Is there any people who have power like her?

Music: Spring Pageant. 

Chapter 3: Someone Like Me

Arendelle,Mid-Summer Winter Festival,Day 1...

After Making Ice Statue for every townspeople, she walking around Arendelle,While Thinking about previous question, at the same time she bump with a young man the same age her.

Firstly, she angered because of clumsyness of a stranger.

The Man: (nervously) I'm sorry, I'm very very Sorry, you're okay?

Elsa: I'm fine Thanks

Then She attracted by The Man Kindness.

The Man: (Introducing himself) King Henry Edelmann of Akrehouse.

Elsa: (Introducing herself) Queen Elsa of Arendelle

Henry: (Shocked) Oh,Your Majesty, I'm Sorry.

Elsa: It's okay it was not your fault.

Henry: Thanks, Where is the Castle Courtyard?

Elsa: This way.

Then they go to the Castle Courtyard where. Elsa Introduce Henry, to Anna and Kristoff. and then they found something different with him . Why?

Henry: Why Snowy, this is July isn't it?

Anna: Elsa Change the weather.

Henry: How?

Elsa: I have some Magical power over Frost and snow.

Henry: Oh, Then Let me Show you something.

Then Henry walking to the Courtyard fountain,his hair suddenly turn white and then he Freezethe Fountain. after that his hair turn back into the original color, Brown.

Henry is the Missing Snow King from The Legend.

Chapter 4: Snow King and Queen

Arendelle, Mid-Summer Festival, Day 4, at Night...

Tonight, is the Party. Everyone is attend to the party,Including Anna and Kristoff.

Henry who seeing Elsa just standing and watching her sister and other people dancing, Offers Elsa a dance. She accept, The dance then lead to a date, These Young King and Queen spent they night with using their power to decorate the party.

After spent all night bonding, these Young King and Queen back to the party.

No one Knows The history will change tomorrow.

Chapter 5: Beach of Moving Stone

Sea of Arendelle, The same night...

The Southern Isles Navy Armada, Lead by Fleet Admiral Hans Westerguard, stops to rest on a shore, when they get down from the ship, they realize something strange, The rocks on the shore are moving towards them. Trolls, said one of the soldiers.  Then...

Trolls: Greetings,Strangers,welcome to Beach of Moving Stone.My name is Plarks,May we help you?

Hans: We were going to attack Arendelle, We need some Weapon to defeat their Queen Who have magical power over frost and snow.

Plarkie: You can have this,( giving a stick)

Hans: A stick?

Plarkie: Not just a stick, point the stick to her, and she will weakened.

Hans: Thank you

Plarkie: You're welcome! Good Luck!

Then, the Armada continue their Journey.

Chapter 6: Invasion of Arendelle

Mid-Summer Winter Festival, Day 5/Last day - Arendelle Campaign, Day 1 - Morning

Elsa,Anna and Kristoff just awake from her sleep. Henry? he didn't sleep, read the book on Arendelle Castle Library after the party, he's a bookworm, nonetheless, he is still fit.

Suddenly Kai come in he told Them that an large number of ship is entering the port.

They Rushed into Arendelle Port, and then....

Henry: It not just Ship, it's Battleship. (looking with binocular) Southern Isles Navy....

Anna: Hans...

Henry: Who?

Kristoff: Hans, Prince of Southern Isles, a month ago he tries to take Arendelle,alone, he's nearly kill Elsa, just before Anna stops him.

Elsa: Then he sent back to face he's punishment by his Brothers.

Henry: Maybe He's Brother isn't punish him.....Wait, their giving signals: IN THE NAME OF KING HARALD OF SOUTHERN ISLES AND FLEET ADMIRAL HANS WESTERGAARD, LEAVE THE AREA NOW.

Anna: He Want to revenge us.

Kristoff: And i think his brother support him.

Henry: Here's Anna tell me which one is Hans. ( giving binocular to Anna)

Anna: That one! Wearing a Blue Tailcoat.

Henry: Oh, So that is Hans, Wait, they change their position! Elsa, tell your people to warn the citizen, War was just begun!

Elsa: Kai! warn the citizen ring the bell.

Kai: Yes, Your Majesty.

Meanwhile, Above HMSIK King Harald Alexander, The Lead Ship of the armada...

Admiral Hans: Today, will be doing something that change history of two kingdom, we will Choose to Win or Loose, if we Choose win So Get to your posisition!, READY!, WAIT FOR MY COMMAND!, and FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Arendelle Port.....

Henry: Let's get out from here! Elsa! Command your Guard to their position!

Elsa: I will do it.

Henry: Do you have some place to retreat if we Loose?

Anna: I Know! an Ice castle in North Mountain.

Kristoff: But Firstly we have to fight.

All at once: Okay, We defend Arendelle as long as we can

With Hans's Surprise Attack, Arendelle not ready for this War.


Chapter 7: Arendelle Has Fallen.

Arendelle Campaign, Day 1, 1 Hour After the Attack...

On the Morning, Temperature drops, sign of The Snow Queen were Angry.

So far, no life casualties or injury, but the all ship in the Port of Arendelle Has sunk. All of the Dignatries Can't go home.

Elsa and Henry make an Ice wall to cover Arendelle, Kristoff and Anna evacuate the Citizen. And then, a soldier said that they can hold them for a long time, if they want nobody getting harmed, they have to Retreat.

Knowing they outnumbered,they retreat to The North Mountain, Kristoff have a great idea to save Arendelle, He ask Elsa to make Arendelle Frozen again. With her power, Elsa Freeze Arendelle. and they retreat to The Ice Castle

While The Citizen, The Dignitaries, and The Royal Guards, Retreat to the North Arendelle Province, not far from Ice Castle.

As the people leaving, Hans retake Arendelle, Frederik and Haakon leads the Southern Isles Army to guard Arendelle. The King of Southern Isles arrive a moment later.

Arendelle has Fallen.

TO BE CONTINUED.............................................................................


1.Henry or Henrick in Dutch means Aristocrat, Edellman in Germans means Nobleman

2.Henry's Age same as Elsa, as told by the Legend

3.Akrehouse based on Akerhus, a Municipality on east of Arendal, the city which Arendelle based on.