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    Hello, again! So now that i offically finished "Isle of the Lost," I thought I would share my full opinion of the book.

    I do love the book, but I wish it was a little more revelavent to the movie. Yes, sometimes the book and the movie are different, but in this case it should be different, but the details should be the same. Like when it said that Evie had blue eyes when she had brown.

    I do love how it really does tell you the history of the characters, how they started out hating each other, but became (sort of) friends in the end.

    I would definitely recomend this book to anyone who loved and watched the movie. It was entertaining and a good read, but still kinda annoying how somethings didn't match the movie.

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  • Joy1215

    Isle of the Lost Book Review

    September 1, 2015 by Joy1215
    • Note: a full review will be posted when finished with the book; only about 1/2 way through, but I still thought I should share my thoughts.*

    Just yesterday, I finally bought the prequel to Descedants. All honesty, I think it's one of the best books I have ever read. Going into this, I knew that there were 8 year olds who read this book and me being a teenager, I thought it would be a little young. But I love Descendants so I just had to read it anyway.

    I must admit that even though it is a great book, there were some things that happened that didn't cordonate with that movie. Like saying that Mal stole goods from others, while in the movie Mal asked Jay what he was doing when he was unloading all of his goods onto his bed. She asked him what…

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