Sometime in the very near future I Jon Meyer will make 2 new animated Disney TV Series based on The Jungle Book and Winnie the Pooh . First The Jungle Book show would be called The Jungle Book: The Series. The Show would take place after the events of the 2003 film The Jungle Book 2 . And it will show Mowgli , Shanti , Ranjan , Baloo and Bagheera going on new adventures where they slove problems while show the importance of cooperation and friendship that comes their way and embark on these new epic stories But unkown to them Shere Khan and Kaa will always get into their way and i'll let Darcy Rose Byrnes voice Shanti and Jole McCray as Baloo. And Bob Joles would reprise his longtime role as Bagheera. And i'll let Little Ranjan be voiced by a girl and i will get a 7 to 9 year old boy to voice Mowgli. Then either Corey Burton or Tai Lung to do Shere Khan and i myself will do Kaa.

Next the new show for Winnie the Pooh i will call it The Winnie the Pooh Show where i can adapt some of the Disney Pooh books to make into new episodes for the show. Then i will later think of some new ideas for the show. And i will do the voices of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. And then it will be done.

Mowgli is with all his friends

Friends Together.