Attention, everyone. On May 26th, at 5am in the morning, I'll be going away on a almost two week trip, a week and a half, I going to try to stay in the contact with the website, however, due to the Community Central making a new design for this layout all of you see, its getting difficult to do it on my phone, I know all of you are having trouble with.

There is...a petition that's going around.

This will allow them to revert the format to its original design.

I've chat with GrayWolf2 stated he dislike the format himself and ask me for the link, so, I gave it to him and supported the petition.

Listen, if you viewers can't do it for me, you could have least do it for one of your fellow admins.

Thanks and this is my last blog until I use a computer at the hotel I'm staying in or I'll be back after the vacation...which ever goes first