For as long as I can remember my favorite Teamo Supremo villain had been Lord Druid, mainly because of how much he haunted my thoughts for years before I finally found out about him through pictures, info, and quotes when his page was made a few years ago. I had other pictures and pages requested after that. Now things have changed.

I've been getting more and more interested in another Teamo Supremo villain...Mr. Vague. It started when I first made the request for his own pictures/page. Once I started looking at the pictures once they were finally up I grew even more interested in him. I tried to look up info on him online, but as always there was none. The pictures can only say so much about a character. I need info.

That has me wondering why the pictures were made alone, without a page with info and quotes like the other Teamo Supremo villains were. That gets me to the main point of this blog...

Mr. Vague needed a page (why were the pictures just uploaded and not used?). I have the pictures, but my knowledge on his exact personality is next to nothing. If his name is anything to go by I have an obvious guess on how his character is, but without written info I have nothing to really go by. I also need quotes. This is a character where I can learn a lot about by his lines, which I did with Dehydro, another Teamo Supremo villain I made a request for pictures and a page of a few years ago. He got a page, the others got a page, why can't Mr. Vague have a page with info and quotes.

I'm only writing this because I feel as if I have a lack of information to go by. I also cleaned out my Teamo villain picture collection leaving only the Mr. Vague ones. I really think he should have a page. Or maybe he does. There is a clickable link that goes no where. Like someone created the page and left it unmade. I know I've been...asking for a lot of things the past few days, but as it gets closer to the family vacation we're going on (it's only a week away) I want to be prepared beforehand. If anything the full page with information and quotes/lines is the last of it. The grand finale to put it simply. The days leading up to the trip is rough. I'm watching my sister nearly all day for three and a half straight days and then I'll have at least one (mostly) free day until I'm back at it. There are a few times each day where I can get away to come here and check it.

So this is it. Hopefully this explained things more then I did before.